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Taking on Poseidon: Taking Austin by Storm

On a normal day, you will walk into the venue, more humid than the streets of Austin that you just escaped from, packed with sweaty bodies throwing themselves into each other out of the sheer passion inspired by the metal thrashing from the stage. Above the crowd you will see puppeteers, Taking on Poseidon bending the audience to their will with lyrics and metal riffs that make your hair stand erect on your skin, and jumpy double-bass beats that will make your body sore from all the moshing it compels you to do.

Taking on Poseidon is a family of musicians that all strive for one goal: to put on killer shows with killer music, year-round, everywhere they go. “We put on a good show, and you’ll be able to move around to it.” says Matt Fourman, the front man and screaming vocals of TOPs. “We’ve made a lot of progress and it’s very noticeable.” followed Skylar Harpole, the metal bands drummer and singer. Joining the aforementioned musicians are guitarist Koda Pratt, and bassist Mike Andres.

Coming off a successful tour and EP release (Afflictions) last year, the metal band has been hard at work recording their new CD.  “The release of [Afflictions] has been a real learning experience as far as what we need to be doing.” admitted Skylar, “We didn’t become famous or anything but we found out why and what to do for the next release.” TOP’s new EP is expected to launch this summer and will be accompanied by an 18-day tour, brand new music and a solid line up that will stick with the band throughout the tour. “It’s definitely our best work” Harpole added, “the music as a whole has a more modern feel to metal. We are sticking to our roots as a heavy band, it will feature a lot of screams and it’s still going to mix with clean sung choruses and have pop aspects.” The difference? Matt Fourman explains it as, “The heavy is heavier, the fast is faster, and the pop is prettier. We are focusing more on tempos that are more physically moving; stuff that’s easy to jump and swing your arms to. The music as a whole will be focused on putting on a good live show.”

“We are trying to hold a certain level of diversity and dynamic to appeal to more than one audience. We are not strictly a heavy metal band, or pop/punk band. We are a fusion of everything that brings all of those different types of people together” added Fourman. “One song is all heavy, and all fast, something you can run around to. Another song is more structured with vocals and transitions that will appeal more to the pop culture.”

“We’re taking a different approach that has the fans in mind.” Harpole claimed, “It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be sweet!”

“I’m excited to hear how it sounds from our fans point of view. That alone has made us a lot pickier about how we write our music.” concluded Fourman.

The new summer EP has been named “Daydreamer” which will feature five-tracks that Taking on Poseidon has graciously decided to let us know, see below: (in no particular order)

  • Reckless
  • Ghost Town
  • Daydreamer
  • Paranoid
  • Serpents

You can catch Taking on Poseidon at one of their upcoming shows below, or you could follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp or Soundcloud to receive more information on the new “Daydreamer” EP.

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