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Ocean Hands Has More Tricks Up Their Sleeves After “DreamCatcher”

Thundering from the small town of Temecula, California, Ocean Hands brings a new meaning to Electronic Indie music; with gang vocal chants, poppy ska riffs, dance-ready drum beats, catchy lyrics and the synth that brings it all together, this crew provides music that could pump a crowd up without having to be at a concert. However, if one happened to get the chance to attend their concert, then they best prepare for that same feeling times a thousand as it is the bands mission in life to have a great time and put on a good show.

In 2013, Ocean Hands released their debut album, “DreamCatcher” and according to their keyboardist Conner, they have more musical delicacies just around the corner.  “We’re thinking bigger,” said Conner, “it will be a lot more mature. We can do different things that we haven’t ever tried before with new gear and as we’ve gotten more comfortable with each other since DreamCatcher.”

As the fans of Ocean Hands may already know, “DreamCatcher” (which was primarily written by the bands lead singer, Miles) opens with “Blue”; starting with poppy strings and gang chants that smoothly transition to passionate synth and vocals, the song builds into the chorus that was clearly written to inspire. Another song on the debut album is “Hilltops”, which not only seems to be a favorite among fans but it was also the song of the week on Anchor Music just this month. (March)

“It feels like we’ve reached a whole new level,” Conner said, “right now my favorite song on the new EP would have to be ‘De Luna’. It’s got that energy that we always have but it’s also got so much technicality in it. It’s got a darker tone but it also has liveliness to it. We like to call it our Latin song, because it has a Latin spice to it.”

It’s apparent in the music alone that this band is made unique by the energy they put into their sound and it’s definitely well conveyed on stage. “We’ve become one with the sounds that we put out.”

If you’d like to receive updates or take a listen to Ocean Hands dreamy music, you can catch it on their BandCamp for FREE or connect with them via Twitter or Facebook.

Listen to Hilltops by Ocean Hands here!

De Luna by Ocean Hands LIVE

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