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Puddle of Mudd Kick-Off Their Spring Tour at the Austin 10/20 Race

Last Sunday, Puddle of Mudd started their tour in Austin, Texas during the third annual Austin 10/20 Race. The event started at 8am and spanned 10 miles featuring 20 stages along the track filled by bands such as Austin local, The Artillery, Shadow of Whales and Hitting Subset. Puddle of Mudd took the stage at 10:45am at the end of the race for one big, fat concert finale!

As you could expect, the band put on a fantastic live performance; everything from playing the classics such as, “Psycho” and “She Hates Me”, witty banter between the crowd and the stage, bashing bad corporations, tossing memorabilia into the crowd, and trashing high-end music equipment on stage, the Puddle of Mudd concert had it all, and the crowd loved it!

Puddle of Mudd at Austin 10/20

Something that Anchor Music would like to point out more specifically was the way that the band catered to their audience not just on the stage but also in post-performance. Photo ops, handshakes, merch and autographs aside, the AMN team on-site witnessed Wes Scantlin as he took a photo with a young boy that no more than 10 years old. Wes picked him up as the boy’s parents took a photo of them on their phone. Afterward, Scantlin took his hat (seen in the featured photo, the very hat he wore on stage during the performance) and placed it on the boys head. That kid will never forget that, and in our opinion that is something bands everywhere need to learn from.

The last record Puddle of Mudd released was re:(disc)overed back in 2011, and according to them, they don’t have any announcements on new music other than what has already been stated. However, they do plan to play a lot of shows! Anchor Music got the inside scoop with Wes Scantlin following the bands performance at Austin 10/20 along with the rest of their tour dates below: (Also seen on the bands Facebook)

AMN: “What’d you think of the Austin 10/20”

Wes Scantlin: “It was about 10:20, wasn’t it”

AMN: “How long has it been since you played that early in the morning?”

Wes Scantlin: “Uhhhh… Never?”


Wes Scantlin: “My mom told me I can’t do that ever again.”

AMN: “Tell me a little bit about the tour”

Wes Scantlin: “We are going to be touring for six and half to seven weeks. We’re going to go to Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, end up in west Virginia. All we’re trying to do is tour and make records, stick to the game-plan.”

AMN: “What are some of your inspirations in music?”

Wes Scantlin: “Michael Jackson, Quentin Jones, Patty Labelle, Shakira. Blake Shelton is dope. Adam Levine is a bad ass. Usher is DOPE! We saw this thing in Hollywood California. We got to see Blake and Shakira. It was a private thing and it was super cool, I almost started crying it was that good. Blake is fucking hilarious. Shakira is gorgeous. Usher is a bad-ass. I was like ‘wow, I need to get my a-game.’ U2 is another inspirational band.”

AMN: “Is that what inspired the comedy and banter you use on stage?”

Wes Scantlin: “I’m a goofball. Somebody told me a long time ago to act a fool.”

AMN: “Who’s your favorite celebrity right now?”

Wes Scantlin: “I would say Usher. He blew me away, that guy is dope.”

AMN: “What about Justin Bieber?”

Wes Scantlin: “I love the Biebs. He’s going through exactly what I went through. He’s a young man, he’s a superstar who got thrown in the mix. Bieber is fine, everybody in the world. He’s growing up, he’s a rock star. He started rocking the acoustic guitar on the side walk and then Usher ‘ushered’ him in. There’s nothing wrong with Bieber.”

AMN: “What are some of your favorite movies?”

Wes Scantlin: “Wizard of Oz. Which we intro’d with today on stage.”

See Puddle of Mudd during their Spring 2014 Tour, dates below:

04/15 – Brewster Street Ice House – Corpus Christi, TX (tickets)

04/16 – Trees – Dallas, TX

04/18 – Scout Bar – Houston, TX (tickets)

04/19 – Lonestar Pavilion – Lubbock, TX

04/22 – Hurricane Harry’s – College Station, TX (tickets)

04/24 – Siesta Fest @ Hemisphere Park – San Antonio, TX

04/25 – Lucky Mule Saloon – Abilene, TX (tickets)

04/26 – Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX (tickets)

05/10 – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK (tickets)

06/20 – Motorcycle Rally Festival – Sioux City IA

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