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Loud Harp’s Asaph Review


Loud Harp Asaph


Loud Harp has an excellent new record called Asaph. This is a follow up to their first self-titled record that was released on Come & Live after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The name comes from a cluster of Psalms that Asher and Dave were studying separately. Each track is based of different Psalms.

The first single You Heard Me sets the tone for the record both lyrically and musically. The theme is God’s constantly listening and drawing us closer to him. Nearness of You has a unique sounding introduction that set’s this song apart. God doesn’t leave us even through our rebellion and he is all that we can rely on. Steadfast Love gets back to Loud Harp’s roots. The song based upon Psalm 23. The theme is how through all of our flaws God is sovereign and our trust should be in him. I’m Yours has a groovy, melodic sound. We are no longer slaves to our sin and are set apart. Take Heart is a soft, intimate song. The theme is holding on to God because he is coming soon. Lift My Eyes is a modern twist on Psalm 121. The song builds to this momentous sound that can’t be described and is about realizing God is the ultimate help. The Ascent and My Portion Forever are the two instrumental tracks. The Ascent is a calm track that chills you out. My Portion Forever has groove-based instrumentation with some vocals that can’t be understood in the background. The build tricks you into thinking this will be a vocal track.

The theme of this record is an evolving life built upon authentic joy that is only brought with our relationship with Christ. Out of Zion is one of the louder tracks within this album, which provides a distinction in the record. This song is about God’s beauty. The Fire and the Flood goes from a soft intimate song in the middle becomes a relentless track, and then goes back to slow, intimacy that finishes the song. Hope and trust in God are the words that describe this song. Beautiful Son is another song that could be on their self-titled debut with a twist. Mighty is the Lord is the theme.

Vocally Asher and Dave’s vocals are is strength of Loud Harp. There are a variety of pitches, present that adds complexity.

Asaph shows a maturity and authenticity that is rare within music. The musical arrangement is different from their first record because of the different instrumentation, which provides richness with the same ambiance and intimacy of the self-titled record. The record has a simplistic yet complicated quality to it.

My favorite track is Steadfast Love. I love the message, vocals, and instrumentation of this song. My favorite lyric is “You are my fortress, my refuge.”

I would rate this record a 4.5 out of 5. This is a solid record from Loud Harp that I would buy if it was deleted or lost.

You can pick this album through Itunes and Amazon.

10% of the digital album sales support Guitars for Glory.

photo credit Kyle Steed

photo credit Kyle Steed

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