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Jacob Andrew is Making Some “Changes”

Independent artist Jacob Andrew will release his debut EP “Changes” on May 6th, 2014. He will perform at Harmony Sweet in New Braunfels, TX for his CD release show on May 3rd. The album can be previewed on Jacob’s soundcloud.

Jacob Andrew, (Jacob Andrew Del Moral) is an acoustic/pop-punk artist out of San Antonio, TX who’ music inspired by Chase Coy, and Mayday Parade. At a young age, Jacob fell in love with music and dove daringly into challenging instruments and techniques starting with percussion and eventually settling on acoustic guitar; the main reason he settled was because he could be his own artist and didn’t have to answer to anybody else or work around others schedules. Just him and his music.

Changes is Jacobs debut EP that highlights not just his inspirations but the talents he has derived from them. It speaks to the ever-changing life he has had from living in three different cities, going to four different churches, five different high schools, holding six different jobs, and seven different hair styles. No matter how much Jacob’s life changes, he’s always had only one dream. That dream is to have his songs played on the radio, to win awards for his music, and to be able to buy his mom and sister houses and cars and things just for the sake of doing it. Changes is the start of that journey for the young artist, and he is well on his way.

Anchor Music sat down with Jacob to discuss his new EP and his climb to make it where he is:

AMN: “How did you get into music?”

Jacob: “I got into music when I was little and my dad passed away; it really upset me so I begged my mom to buy me a drum set. So I beat out my frustrations on the drums. After a while, drums weren’t enough so I learned guitar, and then piano and it took off from there. I had this first fix for music and I couldn’t get enough of it.”

 I had this first fix for music and I couldn’t get enough of it

AMN: “Why did you settle on guitar and decide to do your own thing instead of being a part of a group?”

Jacob: “My mom got remarried and we moved way out of the country; there was no one within 5 miles of us. Being a drummer, it was hard because no one was around and even if there was I didn’t know anyone. I started playing guitar. I saw music videos and various artists playing and I thought it was awesome. So I started playing guitar because I thought it’d be cool”

AMN: “What kind of artists influenced that?”

Jacob: “There’s a guy named Chase Coy, he’s an acoustic indie artist. A Christian artist named Phil Wickham, he does a lot of acoustic music. Listening to him puts me in so much awe. Also, Mayday Parade, they were my favorite band in high school. Their lyrics and guitar were so catchy, I wanted to be like that.”

AMN: “Tell me about ‘Changes'”

Jacob: “Changes is my first album. It’s been something I want to do since I am a multi-instrumentalist. Each song has it’s own feel. I have one song that has a soft piano, one with a string symphony behind it and one with a ukulele. I just tried to vary in style and explore my creativity.”

AMN: “What’s the plan after Changes?”

Jacob: “After Changes, I’m going to start writing and perfect new songs and get another album out. I have a CD release show on May 3rd at Harmony Sweet.”

AMN: “How has it been growing as an Acoustic artist?”

Jacob: “It was a little tough at first because I wanted to play shows but no one has acoustic shows. When I first played acoustic shows I felt like I didn’t fit in. I felt like an outcast. An acoustic artist playing with a lot of pop/punk or indie bands. But when people would watch my set I had people coming up to me saying ‘you were awesome’ and ‘we’d love to see more of you’ It was a good response because I personally feel like I can connect with acoustic music. Even before I played guitar I loved acoustic music and covers. It was definitely tough to break into at first but there’s a great response for it I think.”

When I first played acoustic shows I felt like I didn’t fit in. I felt like an outcast.

AMN: “Do you think you will get with a band moving forward?”

Jacob: “Yeah definitely, I help out with a couple friends bands. I scream for their band. So anytime I am playing a show that’s not solely acoustic I ask them to be a backing band for me. Hopefully we can play more shows like that.”

AMN: “Is that the goal, to eventually bring a band into the mix or stay acoustic?”

Jacob: “Either way. Being a solo acoustic artist is easy, I don’t’ have to worry about scheduling a band practice that everyone can go to. I definitely enjoy being in a band, there’s a great feeling when you’ve got a full sound behind you and you can just jam out. I would love to be in a band and if I ever got to that point I would love to have a band with me. But I’m content either way.”

AMN: “Were you ever in any bands in the past?”

Jacob: “No, I switched to like six different high schools. So I never stuck around in a place long enough to find any bands. I went to college and kind of did my own thing. Then I moved to San Antonio about two years ago and had some old friends from high school that wanted to start a band. I wasn’t feeling it though after a whileand I just wanted to do my own thing.”

AMN: “Why did you move around so much?”

Jacob: “Different reasons. I got in trouble at one school and my mom put me in a Christian school that got closed down, so I moved to another Christian school but my mom didn’t like it. I went to a different public school and  because of family problems I went to High Plains Children’s Home in Amarillo, TX where I finished out my high school career.”

because of family problems I went to High Plains Children’s Home in Amarillo, TX

AMN: “I’m sorry to hear that”

Jacob: “No it was honestly a blessing, it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. My home life wasn’t that great and this was such a positive environment and I grew so much as a person by living there and I don’t regret it one bit. It was amazing.”

AMN: “How did you get into artists like Phil Wickham?”

Jacob: “Well when I went to the Christian school, the first semester was the last semester because it was closing down. There was this thing on the radio that said ‘get Phil Wickham to come and play at your office. I thought ‘How cool would it be for Phil Wickham to play at our last chapel’ every Monday we had chapel and there was about 25 people at this school so I figured it was just as big as a small office. I sent this extensive email to the radio station explaining how we should win because we’re closing down. I submitted the email hoping we would win I got all my friends to email the radio station. The station called me and said they read our story and thought it was awesome, we won. I honestly had never heard of Phil Wickham, so I looked him up and downloaded a bunch of his music. It was so awesome seeing him in such an intimate setting.”

AMN: “Did you get to talk to Phil afterward?”

Jacob: “Cool story actually. Halfway through the set, Phil broke like three different guitar strings at the same time. He couldn’t continue the set so my teacher told me to go get my guitar because I played during the chapel often. So I ran across the campus up like four flights of stairs, grabbed my guitar and got back just as Phil Wickham was getting off stage and I was like ‘Hey you can play my guitar’. He finished the set and afterward he sat and chatted about music and where he started and stuff like that.”

I ran across the campus up like four flights of stairs, grabbed my guitar and got back just as Phil Wickham was getting off stage

AMN: “Anything else you’d like to add?”

Jacob: “Album comes out May 6th, I’m excited for everyone to hear it. Stay tuned”





Listen to “Changes” by Jacob Andrew

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