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Looking Down the Road by Deborah Crooks

Deborah Crooks is a singer and songwriter, and she has three albums that have released and are available on iTunes. Most songs are soft rock and folklore.

“Looking Down the Road” is on her newest album Little Bird. The album was released back in November 2013. The song is sung as a story and it speaks of future events in her life that are causing her to make choices. One might be expecting the answer in the song, but it is never given. Because the answer is never given, we expect the singer is asking the audience to give her the answer. But then every answer could be different. Is the singer telling us to make the best decision in our lives?

The song has a soft rock feel to it, which makes one want to sing to it and maybe ponder the questions she has asked. It might make you think on life and put you in the shoes of the singer and want answers to our own questions.

To listen to more great music from Deborah Crooks you can hear her on soundcloud. You can also check out Deborah Crooks on Twitter at @DeborahCrooks or on Facebook at Deborah Crooks to find out more about her and her music.


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