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Sean Johnson Interview


Oklahoma City – Oklahoma Native Sean C. Johnson is an independent artist who is taking his message of life lessons and gratefulness through the audio lens of smooth vocals, soul riffs and hip hop nuances. With two full albums, two EPS, and multiple features under his belt; he is no stranger to the industry. He talks with us about being an indie artist, the development of his sound, and what it looks like to be a traveling artist.

Who is Sean Johnson?

Sean Johnson is young man trying to steward every opportunity God has given him. I’m simply a vessel.

Your latest musical installment is called “Grateful.” What are you most grateful for and why?

I’m grateful for fried pork chops, gummy bears….food in general. I’m grateful for Summer Breaks, NO student loan debts, and most importantly Christ dying for my sins.

How would you define your music? How did you discover your sound?

My sound is a smooth blend of Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Quartet Harmonies. It’s something you can play while riding in the car or cleaning the house. I discovered my sound kind of organically. I grew up listening and singing Quartet Music (Canton Spirituals, Fairfield Four, Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers). As I got older I got exposed to more genres and naturally gravitated towards artist like D’Angelo, Bilal, Musiq Soulchild and producers like J-Dilla and Kev Brown. Eventually when I started doing my own music these influences naturally came out.

You’ve had an opportunity to do a lot of traveling (California, New York, London, etc) – What are some things you’re learning as an actively traveling/touring artist?

Bring extra underwear and pack your toothbrush with your carry-on luggage!!! You never know when your flight might get delayed and you have to spend the night in an airport. In all seriousness, I’ve learned that no matter how big or small the event you’re performing at be grateful. You may be hot and in demand “now” but those calls can eventually stop and you’ll be wishing you had those opportunities back. So appreciate every body that shows up and buys a CD. They didn’t have to. Also, say Thank You….a lot. lol

Tell us about your WebSeries! Why did you make it?

Last year I started a webseries titled “Life Is Art”. It’s very loosely based off of my life as an artist and the trials and temptations I face. I decided to make it to give fans and supporters a look into the life that inspires a lot of the music that they love and to give them a different platform to enjoy my music. I use the series to highlight different songs and future projects.

You started out and are still currently an independent artist. What are some misconceptions that go with being indie? What does working on your own look like for you?

One misconception is that I don’t want to be signed. Lol I would actually love to sign to a label, but only if they can do for me what I can’t currently do for myself. Working on my own means investing and believing in my dream, even when others don’t. I can’t expect someone to care about my vision more than me…so when it comes to my projects I’m usually my biggest supporter; financially and emotionally.

When can we expect some new music from you and what do you want to say?

Working on a new project now titled “CIRCA 1993”. Every song on the project centers around 4 major events in my life that all happened in 1993. Hoping to release that around the end of the year or early next year.

You can download Sean C. Johnson’s free EP HERE. You can check out his webseries Life Is Art HERE. You can visit his site and go through his bio, music and events HERE.

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Marcellus Coleman is a California native who moved to Oklahoma in 2011 to attend Victory School of Leadership and began taking courses at Southwestern Christian University, majoring in Christian Leadership. Composing since 2005, Coleman has continued to pursue arranging, recording, and performing original compositions at university, churches, coffee shops, and other various events. Coleman hopes to one day be a creative lobbyist, bringing together all variations of musical talent, propelling new artists into the public’s eye.



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