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Das Blankout: Shiny and New and Everything Diamonds

Das Blankout

Montreal’s greatest — Das Blankout — released their album “Everything Diamonds” today via their website: www.dasblankout.com

Das Blankout has been hard at work lead singer Matt Burghardt claims as in the near future they are rolling out radio campaigns, pr campaigns and a tour to support their debut album!

DB is noted for having a mixture of different highlights in their music — from rock-out guitar riffs and heavy beats that pay tribute to Audioslave and the White Stripes, to punk-alternative vocals that ode to the Stray Cats or Franz Ferdinand. It is clear that the band has high expectations and valid goals for their future.

With any luck they will be coming the the U.S. very soon but until then their invading the Quebec-Ontario divisions of Canada. Anchor Music got the honor and privilege to sit down with Matt last week to discuss plans, the album, the music, the greats and more!

AMN: “Tell me how you guys got started, who are you guys?”

Matt: “We’ve all been playing music for a while and we’ve been together for about two years now. We wanted to get back into the mode of song writing and got more serious about it. I met Patrick, and then there was my sister who also wanted to get back into music. We started working together right away, playing shows and writing the album. We started recording last fall and that’s coming out soon. We’re hoping to get a lot of stuff by the end of the year. We’re from Montreal, we are an alternative-indie rock group.”

AMN: “Tell me about this album you have out”

Matt: “It’s a full length album, 11-tracks. It’s a tough business to breakthrough and get your name out so what we are actually giving the album out for free for a little while through our website until October 28th.  We have it available on bandcamp and itunes as well as of today for a purchase of $10.00”

AMN: “You mentioned radio campaigns and pr campaigns”

Matt: “We all work quite a lot, I have three jobs, Patrick owns his own business and my sister works overtime a lot. So we saved a lot of money. Recording the album was quite a bit, we wanted to have a big album launch in Montreal, and that is taking place on October 28th, we have a big pr campaign going for that, we have a radio campaigns that’s supposed to go to about 300 stations across North America.”

AMN: “What do you feel sets you guys apart from other bands that are in the alternative scene”

Matt: “There’s so many bands, and it’s almost like your competing though I don’t like to think of it that way. There’s a lot of bands that work really hard and we do the same. As far as the music goes, I think our songs have a different style; I don’t think we sound similar to many other bands. Our live shows are different as well, we don’t have any breaks in our set. People have told us they like that.”

AMN: “What’s your music background?”

Matt: “I started playing music when I was 14. I started on drums and guitar and wanted to start up a band because it was cool. A lot of our friends and family like my dad and friends parents all were in bands or played music too. At first I started on guitar but we had three guitarists so I got stuck playing drums. (not that I don’t like playing drums) We made a punk band and played a few shows though it never really went anywhere. When I started with Das Blankout is when I got really serious about music. As for Patrick, he’s played drums for some bigger bands. He’s opened for the Planet Smashers which is a big band in Montreal. My sister started playing bass when she was 12 or 13.”

AMN: “Who is the crazy one of the group?”

Matt: “I think we all have a bit of a wild card in us but I would say my sister. When we go play shows she gets everyone excited. She’s pretty so everyone likes a girl in the band. She will go out and talk to everyone and is friendly. She’ll take shots with the fans after the shows. (not that we don’t but she might take a couple more than us) We have a lot of fun when we do our shows though we take it very seriously and stay professional. We like to meet the other bands as well and have conversations or have a drink with them. No comment further on any stories though”


AMN: “When are you guys coming down to the states?”

Matt: “We really want to come down to the states. We’re starting our tour here in Canada on the 20th of June, we’ll be hitting six or seven cities out of Montreal. Hopefully next Spring.”

AMN: “Anything else you’d like to promote?”

Matt: “We’re speaking with some music producers and actors about a music video. Hopefully we’ll have that out in the next couple months. Our album is out on our site for free but it’s not forever. So check it out and download it to your phone or music player.”

AMN: “What’s the name of your tour?”

Matt: “Let’s say the Quebec, Ontario Invasion… *laughs* I don’t know.”


Keep up with Das Blankout on their social pages @DasBlankout or facebook.com/dasblankout and DEFINITELY download their album as it is FREE on their website for a limited time and if you miss out on that than you’re not doing it right.

If you’re in Canada get to their upcoming shows so you can sing along to their music live and in person!

Das Blankout - Everything Diamonds

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