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Dalal “Suddenly” Coming Out Of Nowhere!

Dalal Bruchmann Pop sensation, Dalal Bruchmann is releasing her brand new single “Suddenly” this week. She’s being picked up by radio stations everywhere and it’s already won some awards! Dalal has been pumping her name into the veins of society for some time now, starting with her debut single “Taste the Night”, getting featured in various magazines/publications for her business practices and quality music, and recently winning the Akadamia award for Best Pop Song. If that’s not enough, Dalal isn’t just working in the pop-music industry but she is also scoring films and continues working in various parts of the music/entertainment business. She was kind enough to expand on the details of her career, music, and current happenings with us: AMN: “So you’ve been in California for seven months, why move from New York?” Dalal: “Initially because we thought it would be easier for studio work. I finished my EP and I’m working on my album. I’m also doing film scoring now. It’s a lot of fun because I love film as well. To be able to fuse those two together is amazing, I love it!” AMN: “You’ve done acting and your doing film scoring now and music, you’re all over the place!” Dalal: “Well I feel like it’s all a little bit connected. It depends on how far you want to reach your hand in there. In a band you’ll have music videos so you’ll have your hand in film. So everything is kind of connected. I was at the Women in Film awards yesterday and John Lassiter was there. He’s the head of Pixar and he was such a big inspiration when I was little. He was the reason I studied 3-D animation. Unfortunately I didn’t really get to talk to him last night…” AMN: “Who are you working with now?” Dalal: “I work with an agency, I just signed with the Media Artists group. They’re a really great agency, they also represent with Neo and Ashanti. They’re really nice people and really take care of their clients. I am really happy so far. They’ve been talking about signing with a manager but I’m not going to settle right now. There’s some good opportunities coming in and I don’t want to get stuck somewhere I don’t want to be. If you have a good agent and a good team then I’m not sure a manager is necessary.” AMN: “Tell me more about Suddenly” Dalal: “Suddenly is going to be officially released next week. My friend sent it in to the music awards and it won! It’s been picked up by ten more radio stations which is great. It was an accidental thing, I wasn’t planning on releasing “Suddenly” actually. Now it’s all gearing towards that so I’m releasing it. The EP is not released because I’m currently in a couple label discussions so we’ll see if there will be a release through one of those labels. I’m not really sure which path I’m going to take because some of the labels have really interesting thoughts and ideas. We’ll see what will be the best option. Then I’m working on the album on the side. It’s an interesting process.” AMN: “What else are you working on?” Dalal: “I was working for Disney for digital text for a while; I got in to music full-time. I just got my bachelors degree in composition and 3-D animation and editing. I love doing side projects and getting into film awards. I love doing editing stuff. I’m currently working on a documentary where I’m working on the music and the editing, that’s a lot of fun. It’s a cool thing because they both have to do with rhythm so it’s kind of the same thing. You see this happening a lot more in the industry in recent years, Bryan Singer always workings with John Ottman and he always edits all of his movies. All the score for X-Men and he also edited the movie and he did the same thing for Superman Returns” AMN: “What was your inspiration for going into all these fields?” Dalal: “I was raised by a single mom. She was studying genetics, and she was a painter, and in theater. She loved me so much and she didn’t want to leave me alone of course; I mean I was at my grandparents sometimes, but she always took me with her. So I saw her painting and then I saw her performing and then I saw her with her patients. So it’s possible to do various things and still love every single one of them. Even if you look at the industry, they do acting and film work and then they also work behind the camera. Every actor who is a director is a completely different work body at the end of the day. It’s loosely related in that sense but it’s a different approach to work. You see people juggling different things; it’s interesting and I didn’t want to settle for one thing.” AMN: “So you’ve gotten to travel QUITE a bit. What prompted the move from Austria to the US?” Dalal: “Well I’ve always wanted to expand from Austria, so I studied in Germany and I did performances in Europe in Turkey and India etc. It is true that the entertainment home is in the states, so coming from a country where entertainment isn’t a priority we don’t have an audience that even requests it. I thought this is what I want to do for the rest of my life so I need to go to a place where I’m going to be able to do that and use it as a launch pad for a more international career. So I’ve always had the plan to go to the states. I love the language, I love English so I’m really blessed that I was able to make that transition and move here.” AMN: “Why did you decide pop music?” Dalal: “Well I grew up with classical music so that was my first love. When my mom was painting she liked to have music in the background, so sometimes it was classical, sometimes it was pop; she introduced me to a lot of European bands like K-Bush whom I still really admire. She was really into various genres, so she listened to Celine Dion and Michael Jakson and then older music so I constantly heard it. Growing up in the pop era, you are very influenced both subconsciously and consciously. What I always think is what can I bring to the genre that hasn’t already been brought to it. So I try to fuse Pop, dance, with a little bit of world music. I like to call it my attempt of musical impressionism in a way. For me it’s all very visual as well. You can’t just hear music, you have to see it at the end of the day. Music is incredibly visual. I think that’s what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to be in pictures. So hopefully my attempt of that is somewhat well received when it comes out.“‘ Follow Dalal Bruchmann on her social sites, twitter and facebook,  and hear Suddenly here on Anchor Music!

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