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Wolves at the Gate Interview

We had the chance to interview Steve Cobucci with Wolves at the Gate.

AnchorRob: Congratulations on the release of VxV today.

Steve: Thank you very much.

AnchorRob: Where did the name VxV come from?

Steve: It is a military reference. They have a rating system. The first five are orders and second five is clarity of signal. The Gospel message is the best. We are trying to get a clear message.

AnchorRob: Where did the name Wolves at the Gate come?

Steve: It comes from Acts 20:24-32. Paul left a group of people and told them to be on your guard. It is an ironic name. I said this passage on the end of a track on our EP. We want to proclaim the truth of Christ and tell the lost flock.

AnchorRob: I like how you guys take the Gospel serious.

Steve: This is a great opportunity to spread the Gospel.

AnchorRob: What is the message of the band?

Steve: To spread the Gospel. We have a great Christ. We want people to see the true character and nature of God and not what the media portrays him as. We want non-believers to know Christ and believers to continue growing.

AnchorRob: I know you mentioned in one of your latest studio updates that the Gospel isn’t boring.

Steve: We have a God of infinite love. What will we be doing in heaven? We will be singing to God. How Marvelous is my favorite hymn.

AnchorRob: The last Psalm talks about making a joyful noise. There are people in my church that don’t believe what I listen to honors God.

Steve: There have been people that read our lyrics and like us. When they hear us it is different. I want to write powerful music for the kids that won’t come to church.

AnchorRob: This reminds me of what For Today talks about when music doesn’t have a message.

Steve: I grew up listening to music that didn’t have meaning.

AnchorRob: How does VxV show musical growth compared to Captors?

Steve: We have learned more about what feels best by playing Captors. Playing and learning from other bands. I didn’t know how the record came out. It was by God’s grace.

AnchorRob: That sounds similar to my interview with Loud Harp. You can’t force things.

Steve: When I force things they end up not on the record.

AnchorRob: How was your experience with Will Putney?

Steve: It was great. He is a cool guy with a great attitude. He understands bands. He let’s bands sound good. He has great input. I live close to the studio. I hangout with these guys. Randy Leboeuf helped out. They are hard workers.

AnchorRob: While doing my research I noticed that I have listened to many albums done by him.

AnchorRob: What are the plans for the rest of the year?

Steve: We are on our CD release tour and playing festivals. We will be on a run with August Burns Red in July, which I am excited about. We get to learn from them. I am getting married in August, so there aren’t any plans.

AnchorRob: Congrats!

Steve: Thank you.

AnchorRob: Who has been your favorite band to tour with?

Steve: Musically or hanging out with?

AnchorRob: Both

Steve: Musically is I the Mighty. They have awesome music and are great guys. Hanging out is The Orphan, The Poet. They are a hometown band that we have had so much fun with and good memories. We have played in some crazy venues.

AnchorRob: I used to be a roadie in Houston. I know what parts of town to not visit.

Steve: The last time we were in Houston. One of the guys from I, the Mighty got their wallet stolen at gunpoint. Walters is the big venue in Houston.

AnchorRob: Warehouse Live and Walters are the two venues.

AnchorRob: I noticed you guys have been posting acoustic songs on your Youtube. Are there any plans for an acoustic album?

Steve: We have talked about doing an acoustic album before we are signed. It is getting near that time.

AnchorRob: I noticed in Dead Man the lyrics were changed.

Steve: I alter the lyrics where Nick screams and add a melody. This is a different experience.

AnchorRob: Thank you for your time. VxV will be my first 5 out of 5 review.

Steve: Thank you. I’m going to load in gear.

You can pick up VxV at Itunes, Amazon, and Best Buy.


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