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If You Haven’t Heard of These Guys Then “You Blew It!” AMNtv

Florida pop-punk greats “You Blew It!” are on your with Say Anything this summer. Lucky for us they came in to town and we connected with them to talk about their upcoming Weezer cover album “You Blue It”, how touring with the late-great Say Anything is, and more!


AMN: “Y’all came out with an album “Keep Doing What You’re Doing” How’s the response been?”

You Blew It: “Mostly up. The few that have been down have been very down and mean. But mostly good reviews”

AMN: “Y’all came out with a music video and it opens with what I can only assume is a fake show. Tell me about that, do you know this Skip Calery guy?”

You Blew It: “No, we met him through craigslist. He answered an ad. We said we needed a ninety year old man and he said that he was eighty-nine but he could play ninety.”

AMN: “How did you guys get on tour with Say Anything and how has that been?”

You Blew It: “We played “FEST”, and had a really good set there. I think Max heard of us at that point. We got asked a couple of weeks after that. And obviously we said yes. Then we found out that the Front Bottoms are going to be on the tour which sealed the deal because we are really good friends. We have a very good booking agent, Max is a nice guy and those two things combined got us here.”

AMN: “What’s your relationship with Max Bemis now?”

You Blew It: “He gave me a hug yesterday. Last night he kept texting me and asking me to come on to the bus. I would go on to the bus and then he would feed me shots of tequila. I had maybe too much tequila and then I fell asleep on the van and made us stop twice so I could pee in the grass. I pee’d in front of a mechanics place. So if you’re a mechanic in Texas and there was a weird smell this morning… Sorry”

AMN: “Tell me about “You Blue It” why Weezer?”

You Blew It: “Weezer is a huge influence on us and it’s one of the things that we all agree on in the band. We were tossing around ideas for maybe covering one of their songs and the pun “You Blue It” came out and we were all cracking up thinking we had to do this. So we got on the phone with our label and they told us no but they came around so now it’s happening.”

AMN: “Tell me an insane story from touring”

You Blew It: “On the first night of the tour in Tallahassee we went to this insane pool party where people were doing cannonballs while chugging beers and stuff. Tanner didn’t have a bathing suit so he pulled his pants down to just his underwear and it was the fucking sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. The funniest picture I’ve ever seen of Tanner was taken that night. It would make a fantastic split-cover or something”

AMN: “Anything else you guys would like to promote?”

You Blew It: “Check out Mediumship by Dikembe on Tiny Engines. It’s coming in August, it’s really good.”

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