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The Devil Wears Prada’s Zombie EP Review

It is good recollecting albums that have forever changed the band’s life. This is what happened with The Devil Wears Prada’s Zombie EP. This album brought a new dimension to the band as well as my own personal enjoyment and appreciation of its work.

The first song, “Escape” starts off as a dark and dreary night that quickly becomes a heart pounding song. This song sets the tone of the EP with the imagery of feeling the zombies coming closer through the musical direction. This song is fast paced and melodic. You hear gunshots, break downs, and screams that set the tone for the next song. “Anatomy” begins with a chainsaw and Mike’s screams. There are numerous changes of guitar tones and screaming that bring depth. The song ends with clean and screaming voices. This song is letting the listener realize that they can’t go back. “Outnumbered” starts with a stern warning about the zombies taking over, then goes into a technically heavy riff and then screams. This song showcases a balance of screaming and clean vocals. The theme is zombies have taken over. The guitars are the heaviest from the band in its history. The ending provides the listener with haunting keyboard sounds. Just when you think all is well “Revive” provides an adrenaline rush of energy. The introduction has a unique sounding riff then moves into Mike’s layered screams. In the middle you start hearing haunting vocals mixed with the screams and instrumentation that quickly let up. The song ends with clean vocals and zombie voices that are getting shot by a heavily breathing person. Order cannot be restored without destroying the zombies is the theme. “Survivor” finishes the EP on a solid note. Mike’s screams start off the song with alternative rhythms. You hear a child laughing at the end which is creepy. The listener has survived the zombies, for now.

The vocals have outdone themselves. There is a range within the screaming, which is unprecedented. The clean vocals compliment the screaming and provide contrast, depth, and technicality. The talking portion provides an element of surprise.

The instrumentation has greatly improved. There are plenty of breakdowns that aren’t overdone or out of place. The guitar work is spectacular. The bass, drums, and keyboard compliment the guitars.

The lyrics are based upon zombies which is enjoyable. They provide the listener with imagery and feeling like you’re the one having to fend off the zombies.

My favorite song of the EP is Outnumbered. I enjoy the guitars and vocals.

My rating for this EP is 5 out of 5. This EP is very strong instrumentally, lyrically, and vocally. This album continues to hook me after all these years.

You may purchase the EP at Amazon, iTunes, and Best Buy.

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