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Lindsey Stirling to “Shatter” Stubb’s Austin

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Earth-shattering, mind-blowing music will be exploding out of Stubbs this Friday (July 11) as Lindsey Stirling will take the stage and once again WOW everyone with her amazing violin-dub-step-dance-hip-hop performance! The show in Austin is sold out so if one is looking for tickets they’d have to get it at a concert nearby, and that person better act fast.

Lindsey Stirling released her new album “Shatter Me” a little over two months ago; the album has since been perking a lot of ears up to what starts as curiosity and leads to dedicated, obsessive fandom. The first single, “Beyond the Veil”, was released on March 24th, peaking at number 22 on Billboard Dance and Electronic Digital Songs. The video was posted the following day. The second single, “Shatter Me”, was released on April 23, accumulating 1.3 million views after one day on YouTube. The album reached number two on the Billboard 200, making it Stirling’s biggest week of her career in terms of sales, while peaking on three other Billboard charts.

“Shatter Me” also features guest performances from Lzzy Hale and Dia Frampton, Hale starring in the title-track and Frampton in “We Are Giants”. Outside of the album, Lindsey Stirling recently collaborated with Owl City on the lead single to his Ultraviolet EP called “Beautiful Times”. She is featured in the music video that premiered June 26th on YouTube.

Anchor Music News got together with Lindsey Stirling to talk about some features of the album, how she got started, her concert here in Austin, and some other fun facts about being a violin-dub-step sensation:

AMN: “How’s it going?”

Lindsey Stirling: “It’s going great, today we’re in North Carolina. We’ve been out and about today. We went to this amazing tiny diner that we heard was really good. I love finding little secret stuff like that so it’s been a good day!”

AMN: “How’s the Shatter Me tour so far?”

Lindsey Stirling: “The tour has been awesome, we’ve had so much fun doing these shows. It’s definitely the most fun show that I’ve ever been able to do. It’s got more bells and whistles to it. I’ve got dancers, there’s costume changes, I’ve got pirates coming on and off stage at some point. It’s fun, we have such a blast every single night.”

AMN: “Did you ever think you would end up here when you were starting out?”

Lindsey Stirling: “No, not at all. When I was a kid I just wanted to play the violin because I had been exposed to so much classical music and I fell in love with it. Even when I started doing YouTube and the electronic style music, it was just this awesome hobby that I put every ounce of my energy in to. I had no idea I would make it here, it’s just taken off and it’s been incredible.”

AMN: “How did you stay positive when things didn’t go well? (i.e. America’s Got Talent, negativity, doubt, etc.)”

Lindsey Stirling: “I think I was just so passionate about it. Deep down inside I kept thinking that the reason people didn’t like me was just that I hadn’t gotten good enough. I knew it was a crazy idea to mix dancing with playing the violin and combining that with the electronic style music. This was a lot of new things at once, but I knew in my heart that if I kept working hard and practicing that I could get better. It’s not that it’s not right I’m just not good enough yet. I’m so glad I didn’t give up and that I kept trying because it’s been so much fun. It’s a good story to be able to live in and to tell.”

AMN: “What are some of the coolest things you’ve gotten from your fans?”

Lindsey Stirling: “I’ve gotten some amazing presents and gifts. The coolest thing that’s ever come out of the relationship from my fans is definitely at Christmas time, I’ve made it a tradition to give away several violins. I also have a competition, the competition this year was for my fans to do acts of service and to send me stories and videos of their acts of service. It was amazing to get the most incredible stories from around the world about how people were touched or touching others lives. In Peru, one of the winners helped build a house for a family, there was a girl in Mexico that got a whole bunch of people to take supplies to this village, it was really incredible to see what people did. That’s definitely the coolest thing is having people spread love all over the world.”

AMN: “What is your reactions to fans that say they legitimately love you and want to marry you?”

Lindsey Stirling: “I’ve had crushes on people that I’ve never met, like celebrities before. In high school, I loved Chad Michael Murray. It’s humorous to me to think “Oh my gosh, I’m that person to somebody” it’s a crazy idea. I’m about as single as you could possibly be so I just find it humorous that I get proposed to in person and on the web on a regular basis and yet I’m just this single gal doing her own thing. So I think it’s kind of funny.”

AMN: “What were you thinking going into “Shatter Me” and what are the differences between it and your self-titled album?”

Lindsey Stirling: “I feel like I dug a lot deeper in the writing process. I wanted to revisit the times of my life that were trying and hard so I could write about the experiences that turned me into the person that I am. As a result of that I think that’s why the lows are lower in this album but the victorious moments are then even stronger because of the emotion that has been created across the board. I think this album is a lot deeper and I wanted to create a more mature sound and I think that I succeeded with that. A lot of the album is about breaking free and the ability that everyone has to discover themselves and be free to express that. That’s the goal of the album.”

AMN: “What was it like working with Lzzy Hale?”

Lindsey Stirling: “She’s amazing! The first time I met her was actually in the studio. It was fun because she was recording and she asked me what the song means. She wanted to know so she could sing it correctly and express the emotion. So I told her what the song meant to me and she went back in and kept recording. It was amazing to hear how she vocally embodied everything I explained to her. Her emotions and the expressions, everything about it was so true to what I imagined in my mind when I felt these things. It was really cool to work with such a humble and artistic person. She is just incredible in and of herself, she is so talented.”

AMN: “Are you going to any new places in this tour that you didn’t go in the last world tour?”

Lindsey Stirling: “We’re going to a couple new places, we’re going to a couple cities in Europe that I’ve never been to and to Spain and Portugal.”

AMN: “What would you say to someone that is aspiring to be where you are today?”

Lindsey Stirling: “Don’t be afraid of the failures that you run into. Every single person that tries to achieve a dream or a goal, failure is always involved. It’s an important part of learning and growing. Every failure I saw were what 100% made me into the person that I am. Every successful person that you look at like Walt Disney or Abraham Lincoln all failed so many times. I think that successful people are the ones that can make it through that.”

AMN: “What would you say to Americas Got Talent today?”

Lindsey Stirling: “Oh man. I’d probably just say, “Hey hey!” It hurt so bad when I was on the show but to be able to overcome that and say “Hey no one can tell me who I am or what I do” It’s pretty empowering.”

AMN: “Who are some of your biggest inspirations and how does that play in to the music you make?”

Lindsey Stirling: “Violinist-wise, I’m really big into Bond. The first time I saw someone take a violin and do something unique with it was when my mom gave me their live concert DVD. Amy Lee from Evanescence, I love her artistry. I love that she was so involved in everything from her style to her writing to her singing. Evanescence is one of my favorite bands ever. Then, Skrillex was the one who originally got me into dub step music.”

AMN: “When you started out you were committed to the point of sleeping in airports. Tell me more about the struggles you went through starting out”

Lindsey Stirling: “It definitely isn’t glamorous and it wasn’t something to brag about. Now it’s a part of my story, it’s a part of what gives me strength. It was really hard, and the hardest thing for me was that it was extremely lonely. I even thought back then, how much longer can I do this? How much longer can I be sleeping in airports by myself and traveling the road with a map on my own because this isn’t fun. I feel like I broke through just in time because it made such a difference once I got a band and once I had people to share my experience with. That was the biggest thing for me.”

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