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The Rock Music’s “Old Soul” EP Review

Have you ever thought an album would be full of over played music with nothing new to offer? That was my first thought when I found out The Rock Music was coming out with a hymns record called “Old Soul.” This first thought was quickly turned upside down when I began listening to “Old Soul.” This band has brought new life to often overplayed songs.

The Cross of Christ is the first song of the EP. The song has a pop rock vibe. There is clapping, group vocals, and riffs throughout the song, which is a twist. The cross is where life begins sums up the message of this song. Glory, Honor and Praise starts off with a solid guitar riff then proceeds to vocals. This song has a Dustin Kensrue sound. There are dueling guitars with different tones throughout the song. God deserves all our glory is the theme. Be Thou My Vision, is about God being our light. It starts off with a twanky sound then goes into the first verse. The chorus is different than the original hymn. After this first song you realize this isn’t a normal hymns record. God Be Merciful to Me is the most rocking song of the album. It sounds like a mix between The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and Switchfoot. There are various builds and crashes within the song. I enjoy the riff and drum solo at the end of the song. God renewing us summarizes the song.

What Will You Say? is when the record slows down and becomes more intimate. The beginning of the song is quiet and dominated by the vocals, then goes to boisterous vocals and guitars, and then back to the quiet. What will you say when heaven is reached is the theme. The Cross of Christ (Acoustic) follows the same song pattern as The Cross of Christ. The vocals and guitar are different. This song is very intimate and full of ambiance. It is incredible this is the same song as another track. They sound completely different. Victory in Jesus finishes off the record on a high note. This song has a southern soulful sound mixed with group vocals and clapping. The message is that with Jesus our lives are victorious.

The vocals are very distinct in this album. There are different vocalists throughout the record which provides a diversity that is rare in Christian music. The vocals complement each other with ease. The vocals range between intimate and pop rock which provides needed diversity. The instrumentation is what makes this record stand out. There is a technicality within all of the instrumentation. The instruments do not battle or try to overpower one another and blend well.

These hymns have been truly revived in these new arrangements. There are original parts added which provides depth and complexity. My favorite song is God Be Merciful to Me because I enjoy the technicality of the guitars and the vocals. I would rate this album a 4 out of 5. I would repurchase this album if it were lost.

You may download and purchase The Rock Music’s “Old Soul” here.

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