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Birds by Sarah Emerson & the RADIOKINGS

While in Seattle, Washington about two weekends past, I heard a new and hopefully upcoming artist named Sarah Emerson & the RADIOKINGS. She was performing at the restaurant I ate at and they giving her CD away; I picked one up and then went and introduced myself. In our conversation, I found out that the CD was made to raise money for an orphanage in Uganda.

The song “Birds” is on the first CD by Sarah Emerson. It has a lively beat to it, a catchy tune causing you to sway and has compelling words that make you take a moment to think of how to use the time you are given in life. The beat almost sounds a bit jazzy, but it’s really Indie.

The song starts off with the question of whether or not the artist has made her dream too small. She thinks maybe a new and better dream will be needed. But as a new dream is in order, time is slowly dwindling and she needs to make a decision; luckily she’s not going through it alone as the artist has her friend with her. The line “with time flying like the birds” references the time dwindling. Eventually, the new dream comes to pass and she couldn’t be happier. The artist and her friend take inventory of what they have done in the past and again she says she is still glad she has her friend with her and time is still flying like the birds.

I believe the artist is saying do not give up on your dream and share it with someone because you will need help to fulfill it. She is saying time flies away, just like a bird flies away and we cannot waste time completing our dreams.

To listen to the full album you can download the album from iTunes. You can also check out Sarah Emerson & the RADIOKINGS on Twitter at @SarahEmersonRK or on Facebook or at www.sarahemersonandtheradiokings.com


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