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Kings Kaleidoscope to Release its First Full-Length LP, ‘Becoming Who We Are’ via Tooth & Nail Records and BC Music


SEATTLE, WA – Kings Kaleidoscope has partnered with both Tooth & Nail Records and BC Music (a division of BadChristian) to release its first full-length LP, Becoming Who We Are. Pre-sale packages range from signed CDs and apparel to limited-edition vinyl pressings of BWWA.

Despite being together since 2010, Kings Kaleidoscope has yet to release a full-length album. Becoming Who We Are will be the first LP to fully establish Kings K’s unique sound, which combines a roster of ten players, featuring two drummers, four vocalists, and sections of both horns and strings—all in addition to traditional keys, guitar and bass. This arrangement of musical parts is masterfully guided by front-man and producer, Chad Gardner.

Gardner can be heard on the latest episode of The BadChristian Podcast, where he discusses the making of Becoming Who We Are. In the interview, Gardner forgoes the guardedness that permeates most promotional discourse and shares the details of personal struggle and loss that have defined the year leading up to BWWA’s release:

Becoming Who We Are by Kings Kaleidoscope

Becoming Who We Are is intertwined with themes of loss and struggle, while somehow maintaining an inexplicable shade of hope. Listen to the interview at http://badchristian.com/podcasts for more details, including the story behind the track titled ‘Zion,’ which is named after Gardner’s first son who was lost during pregnancy.

Along with the unique sound a 10-piece band brings, Kings Kaleidoscope propels the genre of Christian music forward by pulling influences from every genre that speaks to its members.

BadChristian co-founder, Matt Carter, describes the band by saying, “The hip-hop element of it is the interesting part. I’ve been listening to some of these mixes and the hip-hop production side is something that nobody is doing. I think it has that urban feel along with crazy influences from all over the place, and I think that’s something that really stands out about it.”

Much like the music, the business end of Kings Kaleidoscope is ahead of the curve, revolutionizing the relationship between artist and record label. Becoming Who We Are has been produced solely on independent funds drawn from the band members themselves along with the remarkably successful sales of Kings Kaleidoscope’s independent EP, Live In Color, which was released in early 2014 through BC Music. Both Tooth & Nail Records and BC Music will be working with Kings Kaleidoscope to promote and distribute the new album while the band maintains ownership of its creative property. This flies in the face of today’s standard music practices and will help to foster a stronger community of artists who completely own their work.

Gardner was excited to share his feelings on this during his interview, “Now we get to just make art. It feels more personal and less corporate. So in that sense, musically it feels like we’re ‘Becoming Who We Are’ a bit more.”

Kings Kaleidoscope originally came together at Mars Hill Church in Seattle where the band led worship for four years. Featuring sections of strings, horns and two drum sets, the band’s self-described “designed chaos” could be just as believably executed at Coachella as it could playing hymns at a Sunday worship service. The band is best known for their ability to creatively re-arrange classic hymns, pushing the boundaries of modern worship music.

BC Music was formed in 2013 by Matt Carter, Toby Morrell and Joey Svendsen. Carter and Morrell are worship leaders and founders of Emery, a successful touring rock band that has sold over 500,000 records and toured in 49 states. The multi-dimensional, BADCHRISTIAN.com, sees over 100,000 unique monthly visitors with more than 200,000 pageviews, features a blog with over 12,000 subscribers, a podcast that debuted at 15 on the iTunes top charts and a record label.

Stay tuned for more information on Kings Kaleidoscope and BadChristian.


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