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Shadow of Whales EP Review


Shadow of Whales comes out with a game changing first release. They have separated themselves from an overcrowded Austin scene. Anyone into catchy songs with a positive message should check out this EP.

Dream is the first single and song of the EP starts of with a symphony and solo vocals. This song sets the tone for the rest of the album. The theme is following your dreams. Just a Little comes out with a bang. The introduction immediately hooks you. This song is full of riffs and Pop Rock vocals. This song is about getting yourself up from a dark place. Fall Back starts with group vocals then goes into pop synth vocals. The chorus builds on the intro and verse. The keyboard and guitars stand out in the song. Going back to who your destiny is the theme. Forever is a love song about the ups and downs of a relationship. This song is different, yet builds on previous songs. This song is full of builds and crashes. Bury the Hatchet starts with acapela group vocals. This is the ballad of the record, with a twist. This song is about burying your differences and moving on with life. Pretenders introduction has duo guitar riffs that set the tone for the song. At the end of the song there is Japanese style keyboard sounds with group vocals. This song sum up the diversity within the record. The theme is fake people pretending to be something they aren’t.

The instrumentation is well done. It is obvious the talent each member brings to the band. They compliment each other and provide depth.

The vocals are different than anything I have heard. I like the use of acapela and group vocals through this release.

The lyrics tell stories of the songwriter’s life. They are real and honest. It is evident this band’s message is hope.

My favorite track of the record is Pretenders. I like the versatility of sounds and catchy vocals. It is a song that will get your foot tapping.

I would rate this a 3.9 out of 5. This is a solid release from a band that’s finding its niche.

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