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Underoath’s “They’re Only Chasing Safety” Continues Inspiring Music Fans


There are certain records that change your outlook on music. Underoath’s album, They’re Only Chasing Safety, has done this for me and plenty of other music fans as well. This album put Post Hardcore on the map and continues to inspire people today. 

The song, Young and Aspiring starts this record off with a bang. There is an excellent balance of clean screaming vocals and instrumental solos. A Boy Crushed Red Living in Black and White starts with Aaron’s vocals, guitars, and keyboard then moves into Spencer’s screaming. The keyboard part in this track that becomes Spencer’s scream and breakdown is exceptional. The Impact of Reason starts slower then quickly builds with enjoyable clean vocals. Reinventing Your Exit is the first single on this record. This song has a pop punk vibe to it with a twist. The keyboards add texture and depth. The music video perfectly portrays the theme. The Blue Note is the instrumental track on the record. It has a very unique sound. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door is the second single. The guitar work mixed with keyboards sets this song apart. The break in the middle mixed with Aaron’s vocals and drumming provides depth. The group vocals are spot on. Down, Set, Go provides a spark, similar to Young and Aspiring. The guitar riffs are really good. I Don’t Feel Receptive Today is an adrenaline rush provided by booming instrumentation and screams. This song showcases Spencer’s range. I’m Content With Losing continues the formula that’s made this record legendary. This is a slower song, where the tempo increases throughout the song. and Aaron has a cool singing solo. Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape finishes the album on a softer note. This song sums up the record. It shows the band’s Christian beliefs in a creative way.

The vocals are excellent on the record. Aaron’s and Spencer’s vocals provide depth and balance. The lyrics cover various themes like faith, living life in a new direction, love, and relationships. They allow the listener to convey their own message. The instrumentation is flawless. There is a perfect balance between breakdowns and chords. The keyboards provide texture. The drums are complicated without being out of place within each song.

My personal favorite song is Reinventing Your Exit. This song got me hooked on Post Hardcore and the band. I like the straight forwardness of the lyrics, instrumentation, and vocals. I would rate this record a 5 out of 5. This album is was perfect when it came out and remains that way today. Those interested in learning the history of this genre need to own They’re Only Chasing Safety.

You can purchase this album on iTunes and Amazon.

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