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Fit For A King Interview with Ryan Kirby

Anchor Music News had the opportunity to interview Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King. We talk about Slave To Nothing, tour, and football.

AnchorMusicRob: How are you doing today?

Ryan: I’m doing well. I’m having some free time.

AnchorMusicRob:How is tour going?

Ryan: It is going great. I’m having fun. We are friends with the bands on the tour. It is like a reunion.

AnchorMusicRob: What is your favorite and least favorite part of being on tour?

Ryan: Meeting everyone and performing are my favorite parts. Being away from my family and fiancé is hard.

AnchorMusicRob:Do you guys do tour pranks?

Ryan: We used to and we don’t now. Everyone is tired after the show. We used to do the sandwich punch.

AnchorMusicRob: What is your favorite thing to do on an off day?

Ryan: Watch a movie, hangout, rest and recharge at the hotel. We are going to see Annabelle as a band movie night.

AnchorMusicRob: What is the biggest difference between being an opening and headlining band?

Ryan: We are concerned with the draw of the crowd when headlining. We want to make the bands happy. We get first dibs on a merch table spot. As an opening band we aren’t worried about that stuff.

AnchorMusicRob: What are themes on Slave to Nothing?

Ryan: Addiction to drugs, alcohol, and people’s pursuit of happiness screwing over other people.

AnchorMusicRob: How does Slave to Nothing show growth of the band?

Ryan: We were a local DIY band that had just got signed. We have been touring and learning a lot. We are better and more technical musicians.

AnchorMusicRob: There is a big difference in the new stuff.

Ryan: Every CD should show progression. There are parts of Creation Destruction in this new record.

AnchorMusicRob: What can we expect with Slave to Nothing?

Ryan: Our next single is the most metal song and has blast beats. There weren’t any guest vocals on the last record. Ryan’s voice is different. He has been through things. We gave him free reign and aren’t hiding him. He is able to write what he’s passionate about.

AnchorMusicRob: This is like Truby in P.O.D.

AnchorMusicRob: Do you have anything you want to plug?

Ryan: Go check out Slave to Nothing on October 14th. Thank you for the time and interest.

AnchorMusicRob: Your welcome. I found you guys on Amazon when Descendants come out and saw Fit For a King at Scream the Prayer.

Ryan: That’s cool. On that tour is when we became friends with Gideon and Wolves at the Gate.

AnchorMusicRob: It is ironic Fit For a King and Gideon have a release on the same day.

Ryan: That’s not how we played it. On October 14th there will be a Gideon CD Release Show in Birmingham.

AnchorMusicRob: What will be the score for the Texans vs. Cowboys game?

Ryan: Cowboys 28-24

It will be a close game. The Houston Texans can’t stop the run. The Texans quarterback is holding us back.

AnchorMusicRob: Thank you for the time.

Ryan: Your welcome

You can pre order Slave to Nothing here, iTunes, and Amazon.

Check out the first 2 singles below.

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