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Ascend The Hill’s O Ransomed Son Will Change Your View on Worship

Ascend The Hill

Ascend The Hill hailing from Tampa; Florida consists of Joel Davis, Jonathan Thomas, Hayden Davidson & Seth Davis. Ascend The Hill’s, third record; O Ransomed Son was released in 2012 through Come&Live, where all of their music is free to download. Their last two records have been funded through Kickstarter. Their three releases O Ransomed Son, Hymns and Self Titled have set a high standard of excellence in worship music. They have traveled to Colombia and New Zealand as part of two Come & Live trips and documentaries. They are currently on a break from touring, but their fans are hoping for new music in 2015.

There are a various songs that stand out on this record. So Good To Us, starts this album out with raucous joy. The guitar work is superb. Lyrics and vocals proclaiming God’s goodness are added to this. Power In The Name Of Jesus is a slower song filled with guitar solos. It has an intimate ambient sound. Whom Have I is a mixture of passionate vocals and instrumentation. This song has a live sound with different parts. You Have My Heart gets back to their catchy sound. This song will have your toes tapping and body jumping for joy. At the end there is a piano that is mixed well with the other instrumentation. Song Of The Redeemed shows the musicianship of the band. You hear a line from Amazing Grace with their lyrics. Heaven Come Down is based upon the Lord’s Prayer. The group vocals emphasize lyrical context. This final song sums up the record really well.

The instrumentation on this album is superb. These are talented musicians with a gift that is showcased throughout the record. The lead vocals are unique. Joel has an excellent range. The guest and backup vocals work really well. The lyrics are an honest look at a Christian’s walk. The themes range from being transfixed with God to doubting his presence.

I would rate this record at 4.4 out of 5. This record is awesome in every aspect.My favorite song is Song Of The Redeemed. The lyrics are convicting and instrumentation is awesome.

You can get this record at Come & Live, Ascend the Hill’s web store, iTunes, and Amazon.

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