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Quick Chat with KNOWER


LOS ANGELES, CA – Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi may not be household names but as of late they’ve made a huge dent in the music scene. With loud praises from legend Quincy Jones and an eclectic live performance (complete with crazy video sequences that go with every song in the set), you’ll be knowing more of KNOWER soon enough…


Who is Knower?

Two dudes on a mission.

If you had to describe your name “Knower” as a person/creature, what would it look/be like and why?

Wolf-Jet, fun and dangerous.

What does it look like for you to collaborate with each other?

A T-rex and a puppy.

Who is your biggest influence and why?

Our parents because they filled our childhoods with really good music and showed us really good work ethic.

A couple weeks Quincy Jones presented you all in a show in LA. What did that mean to you? What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned from Quincy Jones?

It was a huge honor to be presented by Quincy Jones, who is a big part of a lot of music we call our favorite. The music world feels like the Wild West to us, so getting his support was like a cue to trust the direction we’re going. Quincy Jones is an example of making music that is high quality no matter what style.

Your live shows are insane! Not only do you incorporate musicianship, but it is very much so a visual experience. Can you tell us what someone would expect to experience when coming to a live show?

Expect to get slammed by funk while looking at crazy [stuff].

You were on tour with HILDEGARD and traveled with them quite a bit. What is tour life like?

We don’t tour a lot, but from the experience we do have, we learned it can be hard when it’s just two of you handling every detail. But with people like Cliff, Sasha, Max, and Max (yes), everything is fun, including Walmart. One time we got really liquid-y Indian food and ate it in a bumpy van. It was a great challenge.

What would be your advice to artists, musicians, and other creatives who want to do what you’re doing?

Go all out, be true to what you really like, don’t give up, and don’t be boring.

Be sure to follow them on their WEBSITE to catch up on their next live show (which I highly recommend you going to when they hit your area), follow on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and buy their newest CD “Let Go and newest single “I Must Be Dreaming.”

About marsthewriter

Marcellus Coleman is a California native who moved to Oklahoma in 2011 to attend Victory School of Leadership and began taking courses at Southwestern Christian University, majoring in Christian Leadership. Composing since 2005, Coleman has continued to pursue arranging, recording, and performing original compositions at university, churches, coffee shops, and other various events. Coleman hopes to one day be a creative lobbyist, bringing together all variations of musical talent, propelling new artists into the public’s eye.



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