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Silent Planet Making Headlines

silent planet


Anchor Music News was given the opportunity to interview Garrett Russell, lead singer of Silent Planet before their show at Harrisburg Studio in Houston. During this interview we discussed their new record, signing to Solid State Records, books, and much more.

Rob: Congrats on the new album. What inspired the album’s title and message?

Garrett: Last Sleep was stories. We got the title from As Cities Burn. These stories are a crisis of faith.

Rob: How does this new album show growth?

Garrett: It shows how thematic we are. We were able to write full songs with our ideas.

Rob: What do you want listeners to get from the album?

Garrett: Everyday is full of evil. God moves us to help the least of these.

Rob: Where does your name come from?

Garrett: It comes from C.S. Lewis Out of the Silent Planet.

Rob:How does your name reflect your message?

Garrett: The world is out of order. There is a disconnect. The music bridges the disconnect mixed with God’s plan.

Rob: Why did you guys decide to sign with Solid State Records?

Garrett: It was not any easy decision. There were other labels interested in us. We are fans of Solid State bands. They have so many good bands. We are friends with Fit For A King, which was a big part of it. One part of our contract is if Underoath does a reunion tour we are on it.

Rob: Why do you tell stories?

Garrett: Our generation has no respect for tradition. We see God as abstract. We tell the Gospel within history of marginalized people. Humility is important. The Church needs more humble people.

Rob: What hidden talents do you have?

Garrett: Climbing on things and wrestling

Rob: What are your favorite books?

Garrett: Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor, Ernest Hemingway books, Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, and Shane Claiborne books

Rob: Thank you for the interview. He gave me a hug.

Garrett: You’re welcome.

My impression of Garrett is a genuine person that loves Jesus and wants to convey his passion to the fans. This was evident talking to him. He thinks about The Gospel more differently compared to other people. He wants fans to see that God is more amazing then their minds can wrap around. He is a humble person that was honored to give me an interview. While on stage he transforms into this energetic, screaming person. He was on the floor with all of the fans. He passed the microphone and let them sing or scream song parts. He wants everyone to feel loved and accepted. He talks to his fans through Twitter and Facebook. He took time after the set to sign autographs, pray with fans, and take pictures.

Buy The Night God Slept from Amazon, iTunes, and Solid State Records.

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