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5 Christmas Songs You Need to Have on Your Playlist

Stock Photo by Sean Locke www.digitalplanetdesign.com

Stock Photo by Sean Locke

Every store on Earth from Starbucks to Target has been cramming Christmas songs down your throat for the past 30 days, and with Christmas only being a few days away we figured we would highlight a few beauties that you might want to add to your Christmas playlist for the special day!

Let us know which covers you think should be on this list in the comments below.

Pentatonix – Mary Did You Know?

Pentatonix actually has several awesome holiday songs out this season, so much so that they made an entire guide, and it was too hard to pick a favorite so I picked the one with the most views. (23 million views in case you were curious) These guys and girls have the most beautiful voices and their a capella is unmatched. As far as the videos go, they also had really great production and scenery behind it. I would highly suggest a listen and a watch of all of their holiday songs and videos.

Sam Smith – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

From the man that brought you “Stay With Me” peaking at number 2 on Billboards Hot 100, you can now unpack yet another beautiful voice singing a holiday favorite. The song itself is everything you would have hoped it could be with Sam Smith showing off his impressive vocal range whilst a piano wistfully accents him. Similarly, the video does the song justice featuring Sam and his piano player, both dressed in tuxedos, playing music in a low-lit room while the camera moves around them. It’s truly a beautiful rendition and worth the playlist add.

Shadow of Whales – I Wish It Was Christmas Today

It’s been almost 14 years since this song originally debut on Saturday Night Live featuring Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, Chris Kattan and Horatio Sanz. It has since been covered by several musicians, most namely Julian Casablancas of The Strokes in 2009. (Coincidentally, his cover was in the new Acura commercial this year) Much like Julian, Shadow of Whales made their own rendition and put their own unique spin on the song that is quickly becoming a holiday favorite.

The Killers – Joel the Lump of Coal (feat. Jimmy Kimmel)

Every year since 2006 The Killers have made a Christmas/Holiday song and donated the proceeds to charity. (The Red campaign) They almost always do collaborations with other celebrities/musicians on this such as Elton John or Neil Tennant, this year they chose to work with Jimmy Kimmel. Their collaboration “Joel the Lump of Coal” aired on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this month, the premiere started with Jimmy entering the studio to meet the Killers with ideas and extra holiday sweaters. The whole thing is quite hilarious but if you want to just hear the song skip to about 5 minutes in. Remember all donations go to charity on this one, so if you don’t add this to the playlist you’ll probably have Joel in your stocking this year.

Hayley Williams – Blue Christmas

Thanks to our friends at Alternative Press, we were able to find this gem. The Paramore frontwoman performed this song at Kelly Clarkson’s Miracle On Broadway concert in Nashville, Tennessee. Not an official cover, but certainly worth a listen.

What are we missing from our list? What are some of your favorite holiday covers by your favorite bands?

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