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Modern Day Troubadour, Ray Wilson


Troubadour (Noun):  “One of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians often of knightly rank who flourished from the 11th to the end of the 13th century.”

To be a true troubadour, you had to be really good at what you did. Mediocre lyrics and sub-par poems simply wouldn’t cut it. They didn’t just knight people left and right back then, it was a process. You had to be someone of nobility. Fast forward to the 21st century and the term has evolved. Now-a-days it tends to mean a country/folk singer. There are many names that stick out on the list of modern day troubadours such as Bob Dylan and George Straight. Next to be on that list, up and coming Texas singer/songwriter, Ray Wilson.

Ray Wilson is a man of many talents. He’s owner/creator/CEO of Cat Man Du, a computer and networking business based in Amarillo. He’s a husband, a father to four beautiful children, an environmentalist, philanthropist and much much more. Through all that, Ray still finds the time to actively pursue his passion, music. Last Thursday, Ray Wilson released his debut album, “Troubadour” exclusively on his website. The album was co-produced with Mason Smith of Amarillo, Texas and mastered by Grammy award winner, Brad Blackwood of Euphonic Masters of Memphis, Tennessee. I believe Ray is really on to something with this new album. It’s a breath of fresh air. Each song has a different vibe, and each song makes you feel a certain way. There are songs that make you wanna dance, songs that make you want to cry and songs that make you feel all alright. Beautiful melodies, pure vocals and truly moving lyrics. Troubadour is an album you won’t want to miss! You can stream and download his album here, and check out his twitter for a free download code.

About Jacob Andrew

Jacob Andrew has had a passion for music from a very young age. Noticing a natural talent in keeping a rhythm, Jacob Andrew’s mom enrolled him in drum lessons at age six! As soon as he stepped into that music shop for his first lesson, his passion for music spread like wild fire. A few years after taking drum lessons, Jacob Andrew saved up enough to buy a guitar and started teaching himself to play. Fast forward to now Jacob Andrew can play over 10 different instruments, and is an accomplished singer/song writer!


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