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Hotel Books “Run Wild, Young Beauty” Review

Photo Credit to Andrew Garcia

Photo Credit to Andrew Garcia

Hotel Books released their first full length album “Run Wild, Young Beauty” on Invogue Records. This album shows a band breaking genres and musical stereotypes. This album is for fans of spoken word, worship music, and rock.

Run Wild, Young Life is the first single and video. It starts off with a catchy drum and guitar solo. It shows musical growth and a different sound from “I’m Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel at Home.” The vocals and instrumentation have a distinct range. Constant Conclusions goes back to Hotel Books’ roots with a unique twist. Once again, you can hear the passion and desperation within the vocals. July (Part One) stands out because of its honest lyrics which include “every time you tell yourself that you’re not worth it, every time you tell yourself that you’re worthless, you’re being lied to. And in that case, the liar is you.” They relate to anyone that has struggled with depression and seeing the beauty within yourself. This is one of the more intimate songs. Love Life, Let Go feature vocals from JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights. This song has a Pop Punk sound with screaming vocals mixed in certain parts. This is an upbeat, positive, and fast paced song. This song will get your feet tapping. Ten Steps Forward ends the record on a high note that leaves listeners wanting more music. The song goes from dreary to upbeat and positive. This song showcases both sides of the album and band. There is a skeptical yet optimistic outlook portrayed within this record. Every time I listen to this record something new stands out.

The instrumentation is well done. They added melodic and ambient elements to this record without overpowering the vocals. The lead vocals have a unique sound and range. The background and guest vocals compliment the leads. The lyrics range in topics from faith, struggle, relationships, and heartbreak. They challenge your thoughts and beliefs towards of what love is.

I would rate this record 4.4 out of 5. This album caught me by surprise because of its uniqueness and creativity. My favorite song is Run Wild, Young Beauty. This song had me hooked from the beginning and sets the album’s tone. It has a powerful message of being valued more than worldly possessions.

Purchase this record at Amazon, iTunes, and Invogue Records.

Check out “Run Wild, Young Beauty” below.

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