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“Madness” by Sleeping With Sirens Reveals the Band’s True Talent

Photo Credit: Jayme Thornton

Photo Credit: Jayme Thornton


It has been over a month since Sleeping With Sirens put out their latest album, “Madness,” and I still cannot get enough. The album has, in my opinion, their best instrumentals and production over any of their other albums.

The album starts out with the first single that they released last fall, “Kick Me.” This song “kicks” off the flow of the music with its introductory punk rock music and thought-provoking lyrics. With “Kick Me” as the first song, Sleeping With Sirens shows their fans that they are not afraid to go back to their roots, like songs on their first album “With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear.” However, the album is also filled with catchy melodies, softer instrumentals, and heartfelt lyrics to show the variety of music that this talented band can work with.

Overall, their harder songs like, “Kick Me,” “Go, Go, Go,” and “We Like it Loud,” will get you to rock out and dance, while their softer songs like “The Strays,” “Heroine,” and “Don’t Say Anything” will cause you to wish that you even had the vocal range of Kellin Quinn so that you could sing along with every word.

Basically, I believe that this is Sleeping With Sirens’ best album yet, and I hope that you think so, too. So get out there, buy your own copy, and absorb in all of the amazing melodies and lyrics!

Check out their fun video for “Go, Go, Go” below!

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