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Dayseeker Break Out of Their “Origin”


Dayseeker’s “Origin” breaks ground in an often overcrowded and generic Post Hardcore scene. They have a unique sound that shows why this band is gaining a growing fan base. “Origin” shows this band’s transformation and potential. This album is for fans of Post Hardcore with a twist.

Origin is the first single and title track. This song shows the band’s growth lyrically and instrumentally. With excellent breakdowns and screaming that makes this song stand out. A Cancer Uncontained shows this band is more than breakdowns. This song is a ballad with a Post Hardcore edge. This is a passionate plea for God to heal Rory’s Dad from Parkinson’s Disease. I can relate to this song because of a client that had Parkinson’s who recently passed away. The Earth Will Turn is the next single and first music video. You hear different sounding instrumentation because of the songs  technicality and structure. The breakdown’s in this song are incredible. The theme is Rory’s Mother’s addiction that’s destroyed their relationship.  Lucid Dreamer is a song that goes from soft to a screaming roar. Then when you think there is more it leaves you wanting more. A God Without A Face continues where Lucid Dreamer left. The guitar parts stand out because of the unique tones and structure. Check out from 1:40 to 1:53 for what I’m referencing. The Nail in Your Coffin and The Darkness Won’t Divide are part one and two of a relationship between Rory and a previous his lover. You hear Dana from Kingdom of Giants guest vocals in The Nail in Your Coffin. It is evident this relationship has impacted him greatly. This shows with the passion vocals. These songs showcase how soulful Rory’s vocals are.

The instrumentation on this record stands out. There are plenty of breakdowns but aren’t overdone or out of place. They add to the heaviness and melodic vocals. There are different tempos that make up each song. The vocals are incredible. Rory’s vocal depth is incredible. He can go from screaming to soulful ballads. The lyrics are dark but purposeful. They cover topics from addiction, broken relationships, and struggling with faith.

I would rate this record a 4.5 out of 5. This is based upon complexity vocally and instrumentally and thought provoking lyrics. My favorite song off the record is The Earth Will Turn. The lyrics are relative based upon my job and own struggles. They show how destructive addiction is.

You can stream “Origin” below on Invogue Records Youtube channel.

Purchase this record through Amazon, iTunes, and Merchnow .

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