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The Story So Far: Self-Titled Album Review


If you are a fan of the pop punk genre, then you will love The Story So Far’s new self-titled album. The album came out on May 19th, through Pure Noise Records. On this album, the band shows their various talent through their awesome instrumentals and hearty vocals.

The first song, “Smile,” opens the album with an incredible set of drum cadences and lyrics that touch on how lies can impact relationships. This song basically sets up the theme of the whole album. The following songs are a follow-up to “Smile” and highlight the theme of relationships. “How You Are” discusses a relationship of two people that are being divided up by alcohol. “Scowl” seems to be about an on again-off again relationship and speaks about the void that we have when we lose someone. “Stalemate” closes up the album with a punk feel and lyrics about a relationship that went sour. These songs speak to the heart of people that are broken or lost or need to vent.

Overall, this album is a good jam for when you want to hear some awesome pop punk music and lyrics all about relationships with people and the world. Listen to The Story So Far’s new self-titled album and re-ignite your love for the pop punk genre.

Listen to “Smile” below!

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