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Solomon Conquer’s Christian Metal

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If you are looking for a different style of worship music, then check out Solomon’s new album “Conqueror.” It is full of brutal screams, technical guitar riffs, and a message destined to transform your life.

“Omega” is the first single on the album that starts off with a catchy riff and screaming that had me hooked. A portion of the lyrics, “I should have known that God is bigger than my circumstance,” stood out to me. This song is a story of someone that has lost faith then reconnects to God. “Chaos” stands out as my personal favorite song because of its uniqueness. A kind of riff I had never heard before and the lyrics related to my life had me hooked. This is one of the heaviest thrash sounding songs in the collection. Check out the guitar part at 1:04. The tempo change at the end showed the band’s Punk roots.

“Aperi Oculos” sounds like a song from their debut EP. This song features guest vocals from Dean Atkinson of With Blood Comes Cleansing. His vocals blended well with the Solomon vocalists. They added another heavy element within the song. This is one of their most breakdown heavy songs. “Brain Washed” opens with a brutal scream and fast paced instrumentation. The technical guitars and different tempos stand out in this song. “Conqueror” showcases the versatile screams. The theme of this song is about realizing Christians are not perfect and need Jesus more than religion.

The vocals on this record are well executed. The screams have a unique blend of sounds. The guest vocals are blended well within each song. The instrumentation is precise and technical. There are plenty of breakdowns with their own twist that had me wanting more. Each song has two or more unique parts that come together in perfect harmony. The lyrics are meant to empower and bring you closer to God. They provided me a genuine opportunity to worship God.

I would rate this record at 4.5 out of 5. This is my favorite Christian Metal band of the year. This album stands out because of its technicality and heavy sound. This has everything you want in a heavy record; screaming vocals, technical instrumentation, and an excellent message. Check it out.

You can pick this album up at Bandcamp and Cdbaby.

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