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Broadcaster’s “Spin EP” Review

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Have you ever listened to an EP that brought you back to the simple days? Broadcaster’s “Spin EP” has done that for me.

The first song, “Next to You.” has an introduction that showed me this record was going to be special. The guitar riffs and throwback vocals stand out. This song has an early 90’s Pop Punk sound with a modern twist. “Don’t Say Much” has a different sound that sounds like early Green Day. The chorus is really catchy. This song showcases the different crashes and builds. Check out the guitar parts at the end of this song. “Spin Around the World” provides a slower song to finish off this record. This song shows the band’s versatility.

The musicianship on this record is well done. There is a technicality in the instrumentation. The vocals create an early 90’s vibe with a modern twist.

I give this EP a 4.25 out of 5. This is an EP that Pop Punk fans from the past and present will enjoy. “Next to You” is my favorite song on this EP. This song had me hooked from the introduction. It makes me feel like a teenager, again.

You can purchase and listen this EP here.

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