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Texas Music Office Interview

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Anchor Music News had the privilege of interviewing Brendon Anthony of the Texas Music Office. In this interview, we talk about what this office does, his job, and how small bands can get bigger.

I enjoyed interviewing Brendon. He is very knowledgeable about the music industry and desires to help people.

Rob:What is the Texas Music Office?

Brendon: We are a state office aimed to promote the music industry in Texas. We are a state funded organization.

Rob: When was the Texas Music Office founded?

Brendon: In 1990 by a commission.

Rob: What is your music background?

Brendon: I played classical violin from the age of 3-4 and then began recording and touring with the Pat Green Band at age 19. Toured for 15 years with PG. Recorded on dozens of records and played with several artists in addition to my steady touring job that I kept until 2010 when I retired from playing to manage a startup artist, Hudson Moore. In addition I helped start  (along with CEO Chris Guggenheim) what is now OneLive Media. I was in charge of selling our venue ticketing platform and eventually became head of OneLive’s Ecommerce division.

Rob: What is  your job?

Brendon: I provide business development. I am the middle man that attracts music businesses to relocate to Texas.

Rob: What resources do you have for small bands?

Brendon: We are an information resource. We have 18,000 listings that include managers, labels, and radio stations. We keep these listings current.

Rob: What advice do you have for small bands?

Brendon: Practice hard and keep as much of your business as possible. We are easy to reach and want people to succeed. We are not a manager but provide guidance.

Rob: What is your website?

Brendon: People can Google Texas Music Office.

You can visit the Texas Music Office here.

About Rob Clark

Rob Clark has been writing for Anchor Music News since February 2014. He has a passion for music that started as a child. Both of his parents love for music was passed down to him. He is currently a Social Worker that constantly witnesses the power of music by playing an acoustic guitar to his clients. His goal is to awaken people to new music through writing and interviewing bands. You can follow him on Facebook. He takes submissions personally robclark333 [at] gmail [dot] com if you’d like to reach out to him directly to review new music.



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