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Spoken “Breathe Again” Review

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Have you ever listened to an album from a band and instantly become a fan? That’s what Spoken’s “Breathe Again” has done for me. This is an album which heralds a band coming back with more energy and passion.

“Breathe Again” is the first single. This song has guest vocals from Mattie Mullins of Memphis May Fire. Both vocals complement and enhance this song. “Falling Apart” is the second single. This song is catchy with lyrics that are thought provoking. “Together We Take on the World” is a stand out song on this album. The theme encourages the listener to be supportive of people when their life isn’t going right. “Walking In My Dreams” starts off with guitar parts that will make launch your own heart into a faster rhythm. The guitar riffs are showcased and are outstanding. The song is haunting, yet optimistic. “Take My Breath Away” shows this band can rock a power ballad. The lyrics are about being in love with someone special. This song could easily be a rocker couple’s first dance song at their wedding.

There is a perfect blend of screaming and clean vocals in this album. This band has an edge that’s not often heard. The instrumentation has technicality and a unique sound of its own. There are plenty of riffs. The vocals, instrumentation, and vocals stand out. This album showcases a band with diverse sounds and song structures that will have you hooked from the beginning to end.

I would rate this album a 4.3 out of 5. The vocals, instrumentation, and vocals stand out. This album has made me a fan. Their hard rock sound is refreshing. “Breathe Again” is my favorite song. That one song has made me a fan of hard rock once again and makes me want to explore this band and genre further.

You can pick up “Breathe Again” on iTunes and MerchNOW.

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