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The Ember Days “Valitus” Review

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Have you ever listened to an album with honest and real lyrics that displayed your life? The Ember Days “Valitus” has done this for me and will do the same for you. This album shows God is constantly in the midst of us, especially through our struggles and despair.

“Take Me” is the first single and video. I instantly knew this wasn’t going to be a worship record like “More Than You Think.” Instead they gave me an honest look at doubts. The ambient sound is pervasive and soothing. “Without Love” is the next single. This song is a slow, Electronic music, sounding ballad. There is a simplicity that showcases the vocal range. “Wasted Energy” stands out based upon it’s lyrical content. “I’m not good enough But I don’t want to give up” sums up my life. This song is about asking God’s mercy even when we constantly sin. The guitar parts stand out. “Darling” is the most somber and emotional song. You can hear the pain and sorrow in the vocals. “Let my broken heart be made to cure another.” By the end of this song, you can hear hope and optimism. “Trust” speeds things back up. The catchy drum and bass parts stand out in this song. This song is about trusting in God to make us whole and free. “This World” sums up this album with it’s hopeful optimism that life will always get better and God’s will is powerful.

+The Ember Days Changes Christian Music

The lyrics are about pain, suffering, joy, and optimism. They stand out because of their honesty and rawness. The vocals are well done and have a distinct range. The instrumentation has a subtle technicality that stands out. The samples and orchestral instrumentation add depth.

I would rate this album a 4.5 out of 5. This album shows they have no desire to fit in the stereotypical contemporary Christian box. Their new sound shows versatility and uniqueness. Both new and old fans will love this album. They showed how life is full of pain and hope. My favorite song is “Wasted Energy” because of its lyrical content and sound. There are times when I feel like I’m not doing enough for God and this song addresses that.

You can pick up “Valitus” at iTunes. 

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