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Jacob Andrew Opens Up About His Car Accident


“Today was ROUGH. I’m blessed by the grace of God to be able to walk away from this with nothing but a bloody nose and concussion. I definitely believe there was a guardian angel looking out for me, because judging by the damage and my memory of what happened, I should be in a lot worse shape. Thanks for all the encouraging words/texts. Special shout out to my roommate [omitted] for coming to help” -Jacob Andrew’s Facebook Post

November 29th was a life-changing moment for singer/songwriter Jacob Andrew when on his to lead worship for his church his Toyota Matrix hit a patch of ice and spun out of control. First hitting the median at 70 miles per hour, his car spun and hit each end multiple times until finally the car came to a stop. Next thing he knew, he was being pulled from the car and police were on the scene.

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He only sustained minor injuries in spite of the fatal damages dealt to his car as seen in the above photo. This is good news for people like us that are looking forward to seeing him play with Anthony Green on January 8th, 2016.

We got together with Jacob to talk about his experience and how this has affected him in his daily life since, see the full interview below:

AMN: “Tell me what happened”

Jacob Andrew: “I lead worship at my church here at home. I was on my way to church, it was wet and rainy; I didn’t think about it too much because it rains frequently. Next thing I know I feel my car start to fishtail and slip and slide. I tried to counter-steer it to balance it out but that just made it worse and I smashed into a wall head on going 70mph. It completely destroyed the front of my car and bounced off, then smacked the back of my car into the wall and destroyed the back of my car. It bounced off the wall a couple more times and came to a stop facing the wrong way on the highway. The airbag had exploded, hit me in the face and kind of made me a little dizzy. I was sitting there stunned and in shock and next thing I know this ex-marine is pulling me out of my car and police were already there. It all happened so fast it was crazy.”

AMN: “Were you scared?”

Jacob Andrew: “I was definitely scared. I was shaking, I couldn’t tell if I was hurt or not because there was so much adrenaline running through my body. I had no clue how this guy broke my window or pulled me out of the car. I couldn’t see the front of my car because of how crushed it was. It was definitely scary for sure.”

AMN: “And you walked away pretty unscathed right?”

Jacob Andrew: “Yeah, I was just blessed to walk away with just a concussion from the whiplash and a bloody nose from the airbag. It could’ve been a whole lot worse. There was actually a cop parked on the other side of the highway putting info in his computer from a ticket he had just written. While I was sitting facing the wrong way on the highway he said that a car had missed me by about three inches from hitting me head on. I definitely think God was watching out for me there because I could’ve been in a whole lot worse shape.”

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AMN: “Do you have a new car now?”

Jacob Andrew: “I don’t actually. My sister let me borrow her bike (it’s not pink) So I’ve been getting around by bike wherever I go. There’s also a public transit bus if I need to go places that are a little bit farther. That’s a totally humbling experience too, I definitely took for granted the luxury of owning a car. If I need to go somewhere now I have to leave two hours earlier to get there on time. Things you don’t really think about.”

AMN: “If fans wanted to help you get a new car sooner what could they do?”

Jacob Andrew: “You could buy my music on iTunes, or ask me for my email address and you could PayPal me. You know, just kind words help. It’s almost kind of nice not having a car, no car payment, no oil change… I definitely do want a car though so you know, if anyone wants to help they can buy my music, donate through paypal, or come to a show and give me cash. I’ll give you merch or a free CD, whatever you want”

You heard the man! Help him get a new car sooner so he can get back on the road and come to your town to play more awesome shows by buying his music, donating on PayPal or just shoot him a kind message or comment on his facebook at www.facebook.com/thejacobandrew

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