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AMN December Playlist

December’s playlist starts with……The Decemberists! Because…….it’s December! Genius, right? No? Ok, well “Anti-Summersong”, from their latest album called “What A Terrible World, What A  Beautiful World” is for all of the crazy winter lovers out there.  Next is a singer, Myke Terry, who you may be familiar with as a metal vocalist, as he has been involved with several bands in the underground metal scene over the years. His 2015 EP “Red Handed” is far from metal though,  and quite an amazing EP, if you ask me. “Good For a While” is not on that EP and was, I believe, only released as a single but with a line like ” I won’t send a Christmas card this time, we had it good for a while” it seemed fitting for this months list.

We also have “Vitals’, the title track from Mutemath’s latest album. (one of my favorite bands to see live) “Peaches” is from The Districts second full length album, “A Flourish and a Spoil”, and then we have  a band I’ve just discovered called Sunset Sons, comprised of surfers from the UK and Australia. “Remember” is from their EP “No Bad Days”

Next is “Wasted Energy” by Ember Days, from their latest album “Valitus” Our editor, Rob Clark, introduced me to them and this is definitely my favorite song from the new album. Such beautiful vocals and a sound that is familiar, yet unlike any band I’ve heard.

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I added some Relient K with “In Like a Lion(Always Winter)” from an older Christmas album of theirs called “Let It Snow Baby…Let It Reindeer” (I see what they did there)  and something to make you laugh with “You’ve Got Balls” by The Souldiers. I’m reminded of a certain upcoming music festival with “So What” by Long Beach native Avi Buffalo. And to end the list with some energy, we have “Slam” by Seaway, who are scheduled to play this coming Spring at the So What?! Music Festival in Grand Prairie.

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Lastly, we have “December” from Neck Deep’s 2015 album “Life’s Not Out To Get You”. Life really isn’t out to get you, so forget your troubles for a bit and have a wonderful holiday season. I hope you enjoyed my first playlist for AMN and I can’t wait to give you more next month!

About Emma VanEtten

Emma VanEtten is a 31 year old stay at home mom (for now) with a strong passion for music, art, and connecting with all kinds of people. She craves diversity and it shows in her musical tastes. Emma has lived in Virginia Beach, VA for about half of her life and currently resides with her daughter in Ewing, VA, a tiny town in the Appalachian mountains.


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