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Amoretta “Seventeen Seventy” EP Review

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Have you ever listened to an album and were blown away by its originality? This is what instantly happened to me when listening to Amoretta’s “Seventeen Seventy.” This is an album that shows a band destined for huge things with a unique sound.

“Wit’s End” is the first single. The screaming vocals bring an intensity that will have you instantly hooked. The clean vocals stand out because of their unique pitch. This song theme is about being disappointed in yourself.  The song “1770” showcases the electronic side of this EP. It is blended well with the vocals and instrumentation. The group vocals are well done. “Better Off This Way” starts soft and melodic then goes into a raucous roar and the guitar parts stand out in this song as well. “Birds Eye View” finishes off this EP on an excellent note. The screaming vocals have a distinct range. This song is about people bringing you down.

The vocals have a balance that’s been lost in today’s Hardcore music. The vocalists uniquely complement each other. The electronic parts are well blended in each song. The instrumentation has various sounds and tones that stand out. The songs are about heartache and not living up to people’s expectations. They empower you to overcome obstacles.

I would rate this a 4.3 out of 5. This is an EP that’s raw and honest. This is shown through the instrumentation, vocals, and lyrics. My favorite song is “Bird’s Eye View” because of its lyrical content, vocals, and instrumentation. Too many times I am overwhelmed and distraught by other people’s expectations. This album empowers me and helps me put other’s expectations in proper perspective.

You can pick up “Seventeen Seventy” on iTunes.


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