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Leaders and Kings Interview


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Rob: Who is Leaders and Kings?

Leaders and Kings: We are, Casey Self (Vocals), Nick Monroe (Lead Guitar) Johnny Reeves (Bass), and Weiss (Drums)

Rob: Where does your name come from?

Leaders and Kings: Before signing to Standby Records we were formally known as “Masses Beware.” The label suggested a name change and we went through over 300 names. We finally came up with Leaders and Kings after looking for names based on our influences with the shows like “Game of Thrones” we all watch as a band together. Ultimately we all have a different connection to the name.

Rob: Your new record “Leaders and Kings” has been released. What has the response been?

Leaders and Kings: So far we have received a great response on the album. We have a lot of people buying the album and responding that (Let It Go) and (Grace) seem to be the favorite songs right now.

Rob: What are you wanting fans to get from this album?

Leaders and Kings: Get addicted to the Leaders and Kings sound, and connect to the songs on a personal level. And most of all enjoy the album.

Rob: What is your songwriting process?

Leaders and Kings: It’s an old family secret haha! It always starts with a good hook, or guitar riff and melody. A lot of our songs come from personal experiences.

Rob: What is the coolest thing about living in Nashville?

Leaders and Kings: Randomly running in to celebrities, I get to see country artist Jake Owen and rock n roll legend Steven Tyler at the gym at times. It is a music mecca with some of the best songwriters, session players, and some of the best studios in the world.

Rob: What are your plans for 2016?

Leaders and Kings: Touring, promoting the album, new music videos, and get songs on TV shows. Working as much as we can to get our music out there.

You can pick up their new album at iTunes and Google Play.

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