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Rival Choir Made A Game Changing Album

Rival Choir

Rival Choir’s “I Believe, Help My Unbelief” is a game changing album for Christian Metal and Facedown Records. This is an album that will have you hooked from the first verse to last.

The song “Aftermath” stands out because of the honest lyrics and raw sound. You can hear the emotion and passion in every word. This is my personal favorite on the album because of the lyrical content and sound. This song has helped me honestly face my own issues, heal, and spiritually cleanse me.

“Poured Out” stands out because of lyrics like “My mistakes follow me wherever I go. I’m losing my grip. Where is the cure?” “Empty Words” addresses the damage secrets do to yourself and loved ones and reaffirm that God is the only one that can save us. The fast and slow tempos give this song depth. “Remission” is another song that is a refreshing wake up call. “Oh God, oh God I need you to carry me farther cause I’m still learning how to walk on water.” These lyrics are a testament to the struggle of trusting and having faith in God. “Help My Unbelief” has a different sound. This song finishes the album off perfectly. The clean and screaming vocals are blended well within this song.

The lyrics in this album stand out to me because of their originality, honesty, and conviction they carry without any condemnation and judgement. The lyrical themes are doubt, hope, addiction, and so much more. The lyrical depth stands out. Their sound is raw and has a live feel. This is a modern worship album that will bring you closer to God. There is a mysterious feature that leaves the listener wanting more and hungrier for the truth and more of the love of God.


Go purchase “I Believe, Help My Unbelief” at Facedown Records, iTunes,  and Amazon.

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