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She Is We Declares “War” On Her Emotions

Have you ever heard the first few lyrics or musical notes of a song and instantly loved it? I definitely have, and “Boomerang” by She Is We is no exception. The song starts out with a beat that will get instantly stuck in your head. And with a chorus that will be on repeat in your head all day (and mine all week), She Is We’s front runner, Rachel Taylor, releases her frustrations and feelings through her powerful lyrics in “Boomerang.”

“Boomerang” is just one song off of She Is We’s upcoming album. She released a music video for the song a few weeks ago in preview of the album’s release on March 18. Now, if you are aware of Rachel’s previous musical project, He Is We, you know that her unique voice puts soul and pure emotion behind her lyrics. Hers is the type of music that people can listen to and think, “That is is exactly what I’m going through. She really gets me!” She Is We definitely has a different feel music-wise than He Is We did, but it still incorporates the same heart behind the music. She Is We is a huge step forward in Rachel’s musical endeavors, and I am looking forward to this new album!

I am so excited to hear all of the songs on her new album, “War,” and you should be, too! Check out the music video to “Boomerang” below! Plus, if you pre-order her album on iTunes, you will get three instant song downloads! The album is also available on SheIsWe.com and Amazon.


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