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AMN March Playlist

This month’s playlist may be my favorite yet, starting with “Spring” by Two Door Cinema Club. Spring happens to be my favorite season, representing new life, in the form of flowers and animals, and long awaited warm weather which goes right along with what Anchor Music News is really good at, introducing music lovers to new music (new life). I hope to do just that with “Boomerang” by She Is We, a song from their upcoming album, set for release on March 18. The song is catchy and, like the rest of their songs, quite powerful.

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Jon Foreman is an artist introduced to me by our editor, Rob Clark. “Come Home” is from a 2015 EP, The Wonderlands:Darkness, part of an epic four part EP, having a total of 24 songs, one for each hour of the day. Who does that???

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Next is January May‘s “Ropes”, a beautiful song that is part of a soundtrack for a short film called Special Flavor. January May has a full length album called Troublemade which was released in 2014 and should have some new stuff out very soon. “Anchor” is by British artist Novo Amor who did a very interesting cover of Guns And Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle”, which you can find on Spotify

To bring some more energy to the mix, we have “Flower” by Pop/Punk band The Happy Alright, from their latest EP called Vacancies. You can see what Jeremy Boyum has to say about them here. “Just Hold On (Get Up)” is another energetic song by Texas based Indie Rock band Auranova. It is from their 2015 album, II. “Aligator Years” is the title track from Saddle Creek band Twinsmith’s 2015 album. (An amazing album, by the way)

Turnover is an indie rock band from my hometown, Virginia Beach. The song “Hello Euphoria” is from their 2015 album Peripheral Vision. Prism Surf is a duo consisting of vocalist Nicola Thoms, from London and producer Boisey aka theeKIDICARUS, a good friend of mine, also from Virginia Beach. I highly recommend their 2014 album “Fragile Beings”. If you watch Marvel’s Daredevil, you might hear “Lone Ranger” on one of the upcoming season two episodes. Lastly is an oldie but goodie from Mae (also from Virginia) with “Fisherman Song(We All Need Love)” from their 2009 album (m)orning. We all do need love, and I hope to see a lot more of it in 2016. With love, see you next month.


About Emma VanEtten

Emma VanEtten is a 31 year old stay at home mom (for now) with a strong passion for music, art, and connecting with all kinds of people. She craves diversity and it shows in her musical tastes. Emma has lived in Virginia Beach, VA for about half of her life and currently resides with her daughter in Ewing, VA, a tiny town in the Appalachian mountains.


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