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Underoath’s Rebirth?

Photo Credit to Joshua Weaver

Photo Credit to Joshua Weaver

When I first heard that one of my favorite bands, Underoath, was coming to Houston I became really excited. I found out they would be playing “They’re Only Chasing Safety” and “Define the Great Line” and I bought tickets. Underoath is one of my favorite bands. They have influenced me and other fans in meaningful ways.

Right before they began playing the crowd became rowdy and started chanting, “Underoath! Underouath! Underoath!” again and again in anticipation of the band coming on stage. When they played their first song it brought back so many excellent memories. “Reinventing Your Exit” was played to perfection. The bands chemistry was unprecedented. Every fan sang along to every song. They did a different version of “Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape” which was more electronic and softer. They changed background graphics to signify “Define the Great Line.” I loved the instrumental. It was cool seeing the joy of each band member. Spencer said this is the rebirth of this band. He was thankful everyone came to see him and his best friends play. He didn’t think they would ever play another show. The crowd went nuts when Spencer asked if we were happy they were back. He thanked the crew. Spencer went into the crowd during “Writing on the Walls.” Their stage presence was incredible. They kept the crowd energized throughout their set. I had forgotten how well Spencer’s and Aaron’s vocals complimented each other’s.

Underoath brings me back to a simpler time, while enjoying my life as it is right now. It was a spiritual experience that blended the past, present, and future for this band and its passionate fans.

Will Underoath make another album? Will they have another tour? Time will tell if these questions are answered.

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