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3 Pop Punk Bands You NEED to Know

Home Above


I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Home Above are a solid pop punk band with really catchy songs that make you want to dance and sing along. The thing that really stands out about them is their work ethic. No band should work this hard and go unnoticed. When I say they work hard I mean they really hustle. From promoting shows to interacting with fans, these guys never stop. They’re constantly coming up with clever ways to reach more people. There grind even went as far as to earn them a spot on this years So What?! Music Fest. If that doesn’t paint a picture of their drive and dedication, I don’t know what will. Check out Home Above below.



Hard To Hit11667313_1717898148455205_7221048072682117639_n

Every once and a while, I’ll cruise the various Facebook groups I’m in to find new music and new bands to listen to. The other night I had posted in The Defend Pop Punk Group on Facebook, looking for some killer new bands to jam in the shower or during my daily commute. Of course the post got flooded with tons of people tagging their own bands and bands they love. As I stated going through all of them, I wasn’t really finding anything that made my jaw drop. There were some great bands, don’t get me wrong. Later in the day, I got a notification for a new comment. I opened it to see the name Hard To Hit tagged. I quickly followed the link and found their music. This was it! This was the jaw dropping new band I wanted to find. I instantly loved everything about this band. The vocalist has a comfortable, familiar and sometimes angsty sound that I love. The guitar work is intricate and very impressive. Having played the drums since I was six years old, I like to think I can tell the difference between a good drummer and a great drummer. This drummer is great. Making complicated and technical things sound simple and easy. The cherry on top of all of this is breakdowns! Who doesn’t love a sick breakdown? Killer pop punk music with gnarly breakdowns is something the world has been missing, and this band has perfected it. Give them a listen and I’d be willing to bet money you’ll fall in love like I did.



Life Lessons10365967_483668188478744_4467874534734258645_n

I used to get so stoked to play with smaller, relatively unknown bands. I love meeting new people and discovering new music and getting to know awesome bands. However, the more and more I started doing it, the more bands I saw that were rude, selfish and very unpleasant to work with. It became more of a chore, less of a joy. A while back, I was asked to open up for a pop punk band, Life Lessons from Oklahoma.  Not too thrilled about playing for some small time over pompous group again, I looked them up to get a feel for their music. To my surprise, Life Lessons was actually incredibly good. Their music was well put together and I liked that a lot. When it came time for the show, I was bit apprehensive but super stoked to be playing with an awesome band. Turns out the band as individuals were some of the nicest dudes. Each one of them came up to my band a complimented us on our performance. Their set was one of the best live sets I’ve seen from a band. Their high-level of musicianship, with energy and strong stage presence was really impressive. You can tell they’re passionate about music. I know they get this a lot but they have some mad Knuckle Puck vibes. And who in their right mind doesn’t like KP? Life Lessons is definitely a band you need to be listening to.

About Jacob Andrew

Jacob Andrew has had a passion for music from a very young age. Noticing a natural talent in keeping a rhythm, Jacob Andrew’s mom enrolled him in drum lessons at age six! As soon as he stepped into that music shop for his first lesson, his passion for music spread like wild fire. A few years after taking drum lessons, Jacob Andrew saved up enough to buy a guitar and started teaching himself to play. Fast forward to now Jacob Andrew can play over 10 different instruments, and is an accomplished singer/song writer!


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