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Kings Kaleidoscope “Beyond Control” Review

Kings Kaleidoscope 2016

Kings Kaleidoscope has a new album out called “Beyond Control.” This is the full-length follow up to the song “Becoming Who We Are.” This new album shows the band’s continued growth and will get you hooked to their sound and message.

“Beyond Control” is the first single. When I first listened to it, I was shocked. This sounded nothing like previous songs. I was also hooked. The song is catchy and has deep lyrics. This song is about having a relationship with God in the midst of distractions and technology. The next song, “Most of It,” has a throwback funk sound. The female vocals throughout this song are awesome. “I’m learning how to live in spite of my fears” stands out because doubt has a way of consuming our lives. “Friendship (Interlude)” makes you feel like you’re listening to them live. This is a fun song that sounds like a jam session and friends enjoying each other’s company. “Gone” is a slower song that shows the album’s range. The diverse instrumentation stands out within this song. “A Prayer” summarizes the album perfectly. In this song they had the courage to curse within an appropriate context. There are so many people that can relate to those feelings. The first part of this song is a desperate plea to God asking for his presence. The second part is God’s reaction saying he is right by us.

The vocals are spectacular in this album. They have a distinct range. The instrumentation within this record stands out because of its originality. It is incredible to me how in-sync 10 musicians are in this album. The lyrics talk about struggle, pain, joy, doubt, and God’s love for his people.

I would rate this album a 4.75 out of 5. Kings Kaleidoscope raised the bar within Christian music with this work. Their originality is what stands out. Their continuous variety of song structures and instrumentation is truly a diverse kaleidoscope of sound and one of the main reasons to purchase this album. This is an album that meets the listener where they are and then musically escorts them to where they want to be, closer to God.

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