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PREMIERE: Bryan Howell’s “Angel From The Lonely Coast”

bryan howell

It’s not everyday you run into a rock-and-roller as young, dedicated and talented as Bryan Howell, which is why we are excited to premiere the latest track “Angel From The Lonely Coast” from of his upcoming full-length album “Take The Risk” We are now mere days away from the albums August 5th release date and this track does a great job of highlighting the full-extent of versatility Bryan can bring to the table.

This gifted musician traveled all the way from New York to Tennessee just to make this album and successfully pushed himself out of his own comfortable box to take poetic Rockabilly to the next level. Angel From the Lonely Coast, in my opinion, expresses that statement in the best way. It’s grand opening filled with slow drums, grooving bass and a perfect overlay of saxophone and telecaster guitar has a great “until-next-time” feel which I imagine is why it’s the last track on the album; it’s the perfect conclusion to his masterpiece. So, do yourself a favor and before you listen to the track below, grab a loved one (or your favorite stuffed animal), click play and dance while Bryan takes you down memory lane so you can fall in love all over again.

“[Angel From The Lonely Coast] was based in part on some girls I had met or knew, even a few that I dated at one point.” says Howell, “I wanted to write about and touch on what they were dealing with daily–scraping up money for rent, in an economically depressed area with crumbling buildings… In writing the song, it was my hope that the main character in it has a bit of a plan , and she’s working to better herself, get above these situations, and live a better life”

Lyrically, Bryan does a fantastic job of painting this picture and placing you inside the mind of his characters. Musically he brings life to the array of emotions those characters are feeling and makes them become a part of you. You close your eyes listening to this music, and, suddenly, it’s you there, introspectively fighting to survive.

I’m excited for the road ahead for Bryan Howell, I think he’s on to something and should he continue, he could really open up some new doors for this genre. In my honest opinion, I like the faster tracks in the album most. However, as he continues to blow the doors wide open on what he’s doing here, I think we will see him become even more creative with how he puts himself in these different scenes.

On the other hand, as someone who doesn’t live in New York or Tennessee, what I’d like to see is a music video and possibly even more-so, a live recording of one of his concerts cause I hear they’re amazing from start to finish. Alas, while we are waiting I have added him to my bandsintown tracking list and we will just have to anxiously await his arrival in Austin, TX. Until then, his full-length album dropping on August 5th will have to satiate our needs. Pre-order it today at Bryan Howell’s Bandcamp so you’ll be ready when this album hits the streets!

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