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3 Christian Metal Bands You Should Jam



Convictions are a Christian metal band from Ohio signed to InVogue Records. They label themselves as “Aggressive Worship” which is very true. This is a band with brutal breakdowns and screams. Their lyrics are thought provoking and powerful. Their music has brought me hope and strength through rough times in my life. They have songs that talk about doubt, cancer, loving God, and much more. They are a group that will have a long lasting impact on this scene. Their new record “I Will Become” is one I’m constantly listening to. I have listened to that album between 30-40 times since it’s been released.

Rival Choir

Rival Choir

Rival Choir is a band signed to Facedown Records that was originally Mouth of the South but changed due to member changes and new direction. I love the raw sound. Their new record “I Believe, Help My Unbelief” feels like you’re in the same room as the band. Lyrically they are very convicting and real. “Tear down your idols, the monuments of filth.” These lyrics are from my favorite song “Aftermath” on this record. These lyrics immediately convicted me and provided me with hope. They are a heavy band with a unique sound. The maturity and dedication of this band is admirable. This is a band that will only grow larger and larger.

Silent Planet

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kemp

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kemp

Silent Planet is a band signed to Solid State Records that’s making waves within this genre. They are a melodic metal band with brutal screams and soft clean vocals. They tell stories in their songs to raise awareness to topics ranging from mental health, war, faith, politics and so much more. This band treats their fans like family, which is why we are called lovers. Their new album “Everything was Sound” is powerful and thought provoking. I would suggest listening to “Panic Room” and “Orphan.” I always enjoy talking to Garrett; he brings a different to perspective to life and faith. I love how this band shows being a Christian is not about religion but a personal relationship with God.

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