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The Danger of Falling Provides Hope

The Danger of Falling

I had the privilege of interview Luke Smith. He is the lead singer of The Danger of Falling. In this interview we talk about their new EP and much more.

Rob: Who is The Danger of Falling?

Luke: The Danger of Falling is Luke Smith, Josh Liming, Michael Guido, Austin White, and Robert Grimm. We are just five best friends sharing a love and passion for music.

Rob: What inspired the title of your new EP?

Luke: Our new EP is titled Hope/Well. Originally I foresaw the idea of this new record as an opportunity to make a footprint in the genre of music that we play in. It is the hope and well-being of our band as we move forward and progress into our musicianship. Hope/Well is the past 6 years of The Danger of Falling leading further into our unknown future.

Rob: What is your favorite song on this new release?

Luke: I believe we all have a favorite from the new record but mine personally is “Distant/Despair”. I really like the tone that this song sets musically. For me, I feel that the vocals and music on this track complement each other in a great way.

Rob: What can fans expect?

Luke: Listeners of The Danger of Falling can expect a sound much darker than we’ve gone with before. Personally, I feel as though these lyrics are the best I have ever written. We spent a lot of time re-working material and perfecting the little things. I really believe our listeners will like what we’ve come up with.

Rob: How important is it to be a Christian band?

Luke: I don’t feel as though it is very important to come across as a Christian band. We as people are Christians and we want to help anyone that feels the need to come to us for strength in their time of need but our music is not limited to any particular audience. We write music because we share a strong passion for it. Typically, the lyrics I write are inspired by life, love, and hardship.

Rob: What bands have inspired you?

Luke: There are so many amazing bands in our genre of music that have inspired the sound that we strive for. The almighty Norma Jean, Underoath, Being As An Ocean, Hundredth, Capsize, A Hope For Home, Nothing Til Blood, Silent Planet, etc. Not to mention the amazing friends we have that truly push us to shape The Danger of Falling into something bigger than ourselves – without the support of Manny from Dreambound, Luke Bowman of Slick Sound Recording, Zak King, and our label, we would truly be slacking.

Rob: How has your experience with Imminence Records been?

Luke: Imminence Records has definitely given us a platform to project from and we are truly grateful for the opportunity they have given us. The Imminence family has been amazing and we are looking forward to more great opportunities with the label!

Rob: What are your plans for 2016?

Luke: We are looking forward to the release of Hope/Well this year! As of now it is number one priority to get this record to the public. We have a lot of new merch that listeners can pick up exclusively on our web-store at TheDangerOfFalling.BigCartel.com. We will be playing a lot more shows throughout the fall and winter! Lastly, we’re currently working on new material and will hopefully be able to share more information on that as the time approaches.

Go pick up “Hope/Well” on iTunes.

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