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Heartaches Interview


Rob: Who is Heartaches?

Heartaches: Heartaches is a five piece band from  Helsingborg, Sweden with influences from heavy and emotional music.

Rob: Where does your name come from?

Heartaches: The name Heartaches originally came from when Casper and Tom began to write the song Memorial and the purpose was to write a song that really came from the heart and would express the pain from his loss. So you can say that it means that everyone has their heartache and this is how we express ours.

Rob: What inspired the title to your new release “Svart?”

Heartaches: Our new sound is more dark and heavy and “Svart” means Black in Swedish, we wanted a simple name that could explain our new heavier sound.

Rob: What are the different themes on your new release?

Heartaches: Loss, aggression and depression

Rob: Why did you change your sound?

Heartaches: Because we wanted to make music that really punches you in the face and right in the heart at the same time.

Rob: How does it feel to be apart of Artery Recordings?

Heartaches: We are really glad to be a part of Artery Recordings because they are a great label and we have a perfect team behind us.

Rob: How is your local music scene?

Heartaches: Unfortunately there are not many bands playing in our hometown.

Rob: If you could play one festival what would it be?

Heartaches: Warped Tour and Impericon Festival for sure.

Rob: What are your plans in 2016?

Heartaches: Our plans for 2016 is to grow bigger and reach out to more people with playing some amazing shows with other amazing artists.

Their newest release Svart will be released August 12th via Artery Recordings.

Digital: http://smarturl.it/t7npjp
Physical: http://smarturl.it/com7cj

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