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Alesana’s “Confessions”


Rob: Why are you re releasing “Confessions”?

Alesana: It was an opportunity to include a couple of tracks that are a part of the story that did not appear on the original release.  We were also able to do different artwork as well as pair it with the release of the novel ‘Annabel’.

Rob: What inspired you to write a book?

Alesana: Ultimately, it was the passion our fans have for Annabel and the universe we created.  Writing a book is something I always wanted to do and this seemed like a prime opportunity to accomplish that goal.

Rob: Who inspired you to be a writer?

Alesana: My Aunt Cheryl encouraged me from a very young age to be a writer and I have dabbled in it my entire life.  Some of the most inspirational authors I’ve read are Edgar Allen Poe, Paulo Coelho, James Patterson, and Karin Slaughter.

Rob: Why is it important to tell these stories?

Alesana: I’m not so sure it is important.  I’m not here to change the world or anything like that.  I am just trying to entertain our fans and do the characters the justice they deserve.

Rob: What is the difference between writing lyrics and a book?

Alesana: The process is entirely different.  Lyrics are poetry, they are rhythm.  They allow the music around them to help tell the story.  A book requires full attention to detail, environment, dialogue, and atmosphere.  It definitely presented a whole world of new challenges.  I have a brilliant respect and admiration for authors.

Rob: Is there a book tour planned?

Alesana: That would really be up to the fans.  If they enjoy the book and want to experience more, I would be all for it.

 Rob: What is a typical day like for you?

Alesana: Drink coffee, kiss my wife, play with my kids, attempt to make the music industry a safer place for artists.

You can pick up Annabell here.

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