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Everyone Dies in Utah Will Never Drift Away

Everyone Dies In Utah

Everyone Dies in Utah is a band I have been a fan of for several years. I was excited to see them come to Houston with the band’s Blood of an Outlaw, Convictions, and Glass Houses.

Blood of an Outlaw was the opening band. They had plenty of energy. Their music was a refreshing twist on Metal. There was a complexity I hadn’t seen in a local band in a while.

 Glasses Houses played next. The band had incredible stage presence. The clean vocals had a pop punk sound that balanced well with the screaming. Their music had my head banging and toes tapping. The singer encouraged everyone to get his or her hands in the air and move up front. He talked about their new record. I enjoyed talking to different band members after their set.

The band Convictions prayed before their set. “The Void Remains” was their first song. I immediately felt the Holy Spirit. Their energy was pervasive. They played songs off their new record “I Will Become.” The lead singer talked about their day, which included vehicle problems that were resolved. Their next song “Brothers Blood” is about the lead singer’s relationship with his brother. The lead singer allowed fans to sing into the microphone. You could feel the conviction of every word being sung. The lead singer shared that the message they share is to love others and not judge them.

Before the show I had the chance to interview Danny, the lead singer. It was great talking to him about the group’s new music and his vision for the band. Everyone Dies in Utah ended an excellent show on a high note. They played “SYNERS” which is my favorite song by them. This brought energy to the crowd. It was obvious the band is a cohesive unit. They were joking and having fun on stage. They played a mixture of new and older music.

About Rob Clark

Rob Clark has been writing for Anchor Music News since February 2014. He has a passion for music that started as a child. Both of his parents love for music was passed down to him. He is currently a Social Worker that constantly witnesses the power of music by playing an acoustic guitar to his clients. His goal is to awaken people to new music through writing and interviewing bands. You can follow him on Facebook. He takes submissions personally robclark333 [at] gmail [dot] com if you’d like to reach out to him directly to review new music.


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