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Animals as Leaders Life Changing Music


Animals as Leaders is a band that is changing music through their technical ability and unique sound. I had the privilege of interviewing Javier. He is one of the guitarists in this band. In this interview, you will learn about his musical beginnings and so much more.

Rob: Who inspired you to play music?

Javier: My dad. He just had this thing where he had to have a son to be a musician and, it just always made it a thing for me to always be around music so, my dad.

Rob: That’s really cool. At what age did you buy your first guitar?

Javier: Well, I started playing guitar at six so which is early on obviously, I didn’t buy it myself, my parents were definitely the ones behind that, but yeah, six years old.

Rob: What type of guitar was it?

Javier: It was a classical guitar.

Rob: When did you realize you wanted to be a professional musician?

Javier: I would say early on when I was in high school I was already playing in bands and I really enjoyed it and it made me feel like I was really good at something, and I kept going with it and that was all that I got eventually I started to have my break from music but music was always my strongest point so I just always stick with it. High school, I guess the earliest.

Rob: Okay and what type of band were you in?

Javier: I was definitely in a metal band, at the time bands like Pantera were the main thing along those lines, Slipknot even, kind of the birth of Slipknot.

Rob: How have you grown musically since the ‘Joy of Motion’?

Javier:   I guess for myself I’m always just try to write around things that I’m being inspired with, at the moment so whatever music is coming out, whatever I’ve decided to hold on, it’s kind of really inspiring how I write or how I listen to music so I would say that round or in that way I think it’s more subtle than something just shade up physical but I think it’s my taste refining what I think is good and what sounds I think are good.

Rob: What new music have you been listening to?

Javier: I discovered Mr. Barrington, that’s pretty awesome, it’s pretty electronic and design as well but you can tell there’s a lot of musicality behind it both on the drumming and the harp. What is it gave the drummer of the advantage pretty phenomenal, he’s a very tasteful staff so Mr. Barrington, an artist who is a more contemporary jazz type of artist, there’s a lot of parallels in what we do, a lot of meters and just barring influences and making it new things, another group called Coyote, I think is really cool there’s a DJ trio called the Noisa. They’re not new but they have new music out that has been very pretty awesome and I think inspiring as well.

Rob: Okay, so what are the different themes on your new record the ‘Madness of Many’?

Javier: I think musically we were trying to let each song develop in maybe musically instead of a song that there might be some type of a theme happening but I think it still comes off of just trying to write something cool. It’s not story-line based, when the music is out, it’s all musical. When it comes to naming the songs then we start thinking thematically, and I think at that point the album title and some of the song titles that’s the idea of like devolvement, a superhuman vibe. That was the theme, but I think we just felt related to each song. The vibe that each song has and try to mix and match, so it feels right.

Rob: What was your favorite part of recording your new album?

Javier: Favorite part of recording I think it was the writing process really was probably the coolest. I mean everybody got to help each other out a lot and influencing each other’s parts, I think it’s what was a new way the band had to process than before where they cant work on their own and put it all together. This time around we all were there during everybody’s writing process, so it was cool we all learned from each other and got to get better at working with each other as well. So I’d say that was the favorite part.

Rob: What advice do you have for up and coming musicians?

Javier: Always write what you think would be the coolest music, write music for others.

Rob: What’s the biggest challenge being an instrumental band?

Javier: I guess maybe fitting in, I don’t know if we’re part of the singing sometimes I think we’re other times I think we’re not but I think that’s probably the most that people think.

Rob: What is your vision for the band?

Javier: Just keep growing and becoming one of those lifetime legendary bands and to keep progressing.

Rob: How would you describe music in three words?

Javier: Emotive, journey and spiritual

You can pick up ‘The Madness of Many’ on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.


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